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How to deal with your VAT obligations while in lockdown

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The entire world may be at a standstill: Intervat and your quarterly VAT return still await you. We list here what you need to think about. We also tell you how to cope with these obligations while respecting the lockdown constraints: from your home, at a lower cost!

The VAT obligations of Belgian self-employed professionals do not disappear, they are simply postponed. This is part of the measures decided by the Belgian government to help all the self-employed.

It means that, for the first quarter of 2020,

  • The deadline for the payment of VAT is 20 June (instead of 20 April).
  • The submission of the VAT return is moved to 7 May (instead of 20 April).

The Intervat platform, the website from the government, is already available to anyone who wants to submit their first quarterly VAT return for 2020. You can do so without leaving your home and thus close this first quarter. We are well aware of the fact that most information on Intervat is available in Dutch or French, not in English: we made sure we translate all relevant information to English here.

How do you submit your VAT return from home?

It is, of course, possible to submit your VAT return from your sofa. After all, the principle of the VAT balance is intuitive.

The sum that you have to pay to the VAT administration is :

The total VAT paid on your sales – the total VAT recovered on your purchases.

The VAT return simply explains this calculation, based on the (purchases and sales) invoices that prove these movements on your side. It looks like this. You submit your return via Intervat in just a few taps as explained in this video.

While the process is simple, it should not be taken lightly: VAT fines are a reality and are due even if you did not intend to defraud. With VAT, you are collecting a tax in the name of the State: the obligations linked to it are up to the government’s expectations in this regard…

If you prefer not to have to deal with this when your time and money are now counted, our app can generate your return for you.

How can we do that?

1. Check that all your purchase and sales invoices are in the app.

💡Do you still have documents to scan? Make your life easier, import them via the web dropzone in two clicks.
During the lockdown, you can upload the documents to our app without any limits. This way, you close the first quarter of 2020 by organizing all your documents in a safe place.

2. Go to the “Taxes” screen

There, you will see your VAT balance: what, if anything, the State has to refund to you, or, more likely, the VAT that you have collected from your end customers and that you pay back to the State by June 20 for the first quarter of 2020.

3. Receive your VAT return

Accountable automatically generates your VAT return and sends it to your email address if you click on “export VAT return”. You then submit it via Intervat in just a few clicks. All you have to do now is enjoy the satisfaction of being in order when it comes to your VAT return!

Pay your VAT total online

A new version of Intervat has been released at the beginning of 2020: for the first time this quarter, you have the opportunity to make this payment online from Intervat.

To do so, you activate the “e-payment” module: after submitting your VAT, you simply click on the shopping cart icon on the dashboard.

You will see a payment summary, with the structured communication for this pre-filled VAT payment.

If you initially logged in with your ID card, you are able to pay online right away: you are then redirected to MyMinFin to make this payment.

Don’t forget to indicate in the app “Mark as already paid” on the VAT screen: the estimate of your available cash will take this last movement into account.

The intra-community statement, clients’ listing: their deadlines are also postponed

The intra-Community statement

For the first quarter of 2020, the deadline has been extended to May 7, 2020.

This intra-Community statement lists the transactions that your company has carried out during the past month, quarter or year to customers identified for VAT purposes in another Member State of the European Union.

You can now complete and submit this form via Intervat. At Accountable, we can also take care of this for you: just let us know via chat.

If you have not supplied goods or services in the last year to a VAT-registered customer in another EU member state, you do not need to do anything. You do not hand over any documents!

The clients’ listing

The annual client’s listing must be submitted by April 30, 2020.

By this date, you must submit a list containing the Belgian VAT numbers of your customers to whom your company has supplied goods or services during the previous year, for a total amount (excluding VAT) of more than 250 euros.

Once again, the Federal Office for Finances Finance provides you with an Excel file that you can complete and submit to Intervat. We can also help you with this: just keep us informed via chat.

Please note that (i) if you are exempt from VAT (art. 44 of the VAT Code) or (ii) if you are subject to the tax exemption regime and your Belgian customers do not have a VAT number, or your total turnover per customer subject to VAT does not exceed 250 euros, then you do not have to submit a clients’ listing.

We cover all these obligations for you: from our app, we keep you informed of the new deadlines and prepare everything you have to submit, without you having to leave your home! 





Sibylle Greindl, creating content and communities
Sibylle Greindl, creating content and communities

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