Press Release: ING to offer Accountable to its starters

Accountable and ING join forces to offer to new self-employed professionals their bank & accounting in one same place

Any self-employed professional who started less than 18 months ago and opened their professional bank account with ING will now automatically benefit from Accountable BASIC for free.

Concretely, this means that these new self-employed will see in real-time what they can actually spend, out of the balance visible on their ING accounts. They will enjoy a complete overview of their next taxes, VAT & social contributions obligations together with smart receipt management & invoices’ personalisation.  Accountable BASIC allows for a seamless communication with the accountant, thanks to its dedicated interface. In short, these self-employed will be able to cover all of their tax and accounting obligations from their phones: this is beyond banking, tailored to thee needs of the new self-employed.

Nicolas, co-founder & CEO of Accountable :“This partnership highlights the strong stand that ING has been taking to help self-employed professionals optimise their finances and take advantage from the best tools available on the market, beyond banking. We are honoured to bring such a concrete benefit to starters.”

ING Belgium is excited to partner with the software leader in taxes for self-employed professionals. It is confident that the offer will benefit the thousands of clients that benefit from the bank ‘s Starter Package. ING is also excited about the potential of Accountable BASIC to help Belgian accountants and tax advisors save time and focus on high value tasks.

ING and Accountable have been collaborating since the early days of Accountable, when the start-up joined the ING Labs program in 2018.

All information available on the ING website on this link.


About Accountable

Accountable automates taxes for self-employed professionals in Belgium & Germany. Thanks to their mobile & web apps, users can link up to 5 bank accounts and benefit from a real time view on all their tax obligations. At the end of the period, they can either submit them through the app or invite their accountant on the platform. With more than 10,000 active users, Accountable is gradually becoming the reference for taxes for self-employed professionals in Belgium and Germany.


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