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Why we launch a web version now

Written by Sibylle Greindl
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We launched Accountable because we felt that a modern, intuitive solution to help the self-employed with their taxes and accounting was lacking in the market. We decided then on a mobile-first approach: our phones are versatile and omnipresent. They were key to us becoming a true financial assistant for the self-employed and not only an accounting platform.

With our mobile app, we could share fiscal recommendations, send notifications as tax deadlines reminders and the self-employed could capture documents on-the-go.

We believed that by automating as much as possible, we could provide an experience where almost no manual input was necessary, thereby dispensing for the need for a physical keyboard. 

Our users indeed loved it, but some ended the quarter with dozens or even hundreds of documents to encode. For these heavy users, a desktop experience was still a must-have at the end of each accounting period.

That is why we now delivered this web experience for our paid users! It includes all of the automation and snappiness of our mobile app, but is accessible through any computer, for a more comfortable experience encoding batches of documents.

We like to iterate fast and base our iterations on users’ feedback. That is why we are deploying this version with the key features first: the expenses universe was available in May, the invoices universe in June. The taxes and bank universes will follow soon. Before that, we will ship something that is truly better on a larger screen: a powerful dashboard enabling you to analyze your profitability over time and deep dive into specific areas.

We still believe that the best Accountable experience for every day will be on your mobile. This new platform simply unlocks a different set of possibilities and gives our users the freedom to use Accountable the way that fits their own needs.

We hope you’ll love our web version as much as the mobile one and, as usual, look forward to your feedback.


Alexis Eggermont

Founder in charge of Product


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Sibylle Greindl
Sibylle Greindl

Sibylle is fond of words and stories. She used to be one of the testers of Accountable, back in the old days. She found the app pretty convincing and decided to join its team.
She now makes sure as many self-employed professionals as possible can access the experience she had, when starting on Accountable!

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