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Get the best of both worlds: the efficiency of an app with the proactivity of an accountant that knows you and what it's like to be self-employed

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We answered their questions, even the ones they did not know they better ask. We helped them save time and optimise their taxes.


I finally know how much I am earning and how much I can spend without worrying about my tax bills


Many thanks for the follow-up! It is a pleasure to meet a company with that quality of customer care.
Keep up the good job, I've been telling everybody about you.


Very responsive team who give good advice to start as self-employed. Thanks !!!

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Ready to optimize your taxes to the maximum?
One of our partner accountants validates your accounting every quarter and advises you on your next strategic moves.

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Do you already work with an accountant?

We can simplify their lives too and free their time so they can advise you even better.

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Are you an accountant?

You will love Accountable for Accountants: free, intuitive, made for accountants who want to focus on advising, not on encoding.

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How much does Human cost?

Accountable Human consists of 2 packages, depending on your status:

- Are you subject to VAT? You pay 60€ per month.

- Are you franchisee? You pay 20€ per month.

The package is available to any natural person who uses the Accountable app, in free or in pro This covers the review and validation of your accounting, together with proactive advice on the next steps to take to optimize your taxes and grow your business. Of course, your accountant also takes care of your tax returns. You see the detail here, on our pricing page.

Do I need to use your app in order to access Accountable Human?

Yes! Thanks to the Accountable app, you do not lose any document and they are encoded automatically, according to the right accounting categories.

The partner accountant does not need to lose time decoding your documents - the app did it already. He focuses on advising you and helping you optimize your taxes.

You can use the app for free or in the pro version, which costs 10€ a month.

Who can join Accountable Human?

Any self-employed as a natural person in Belgium!

Accountable, the app, is open to both natural and moral persons. Human, where your personal accountant guides you, on top of the app, is open to natural persons only.

Are there still spots available?

Yes, we are still open for new freelancers to join our HUMAN plan! Be quick, though, spots might run out quickly. ;)

I want to keep working with my accountant, I would like us to have more time for advisory. Could you help me?

Sure! You can ask them to log in to our free interface for accountants: they will access all of the invoices and receipts that you uploaded to the app, classified per accounting categories. They will then be able to focus on advising you, rather than sorting out your documents.

Are your partners accountants any good/experienced with my own situation?

Yes! Our accountants are experts in everything related to your freelance bookkeeping. We link you to the partner accountant that is the most familiar with your situation, so you can receive advice tailored to your profession. They know the pains of being self-employed and are dedicated to making sure your business is successful.