Exclusively for Deliveroo riders

Make admin a stroll in the park for Deliveroo riders

Accountable transforms what admin means for self-employed riders.

What you get from Accountable


Keep track of your taxes in one place

Manage all tax exemptions limits based on your current earnings as rider.

Pay the exact amount of social contributions.

Get help from our team whenever needed.


Enjoy the admin one-stop-shop

Scan your receipts and have their deductibility magically computed.

Create and send legal, personnalised invoices to your clients.


Grow as a self-employed with Accountable

Get the support you need when upgrading from part-time to full-time self-employed.

Have your VAT returns automatically prepared in the app.

Hear it from fellow freelancers


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Finally an app that meets my needs! I started using Accountable recently and it has been a pleasure.

It has become easier to manage my invoices and match them with my bank statements. They bring Belgium to the next level.

May 13 2019

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Deliveroo riders

Accountable Pro1 month free

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Accountable with all of my clients, not only Deliveroo?

Sure. You can list and invoice all of your clients from your smartphone with Accountable.

Where can I get assistance beyond the app?

Our team is available online to answer all of your burning admin and practical questions. You can also opt for the Human Pack that provides you with the quarterly support of a dedicated accountant for 90 euros every quarter.

Is there a free version of Accountable?

Yes, Accountable Free is and remains available! If you opt for the free version, you will be able to scan or download up to 10 documents a month. You also won't be able to download your VAT return, prepared for you, at the end of each quarter. Apart from that, you are able to connect your bank account, scan expenses, create invoices and have a real-time view on your costs, revenues, profits.

Freelancing is a way of complementing my revenues. Does that make sense for me to use Accountable?

Yes! Accountable enables you to keep track of your revenues and bills. You will see immediately whether you are at risk of falling into another tax category, or of facing social contributions increase.

I am a student self-employed. Is Accountable something for me?

Yes, sure! You can choose to sign-up as a student self-employed. Once you are in the app, you have a view in real-time on the income you generate. This allows you to better manage key thresholds for student self-employed, such as the threshold for exoneration from social contributions.

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