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“Many thanks for the follow-up! It is a pleasure to meet a company with that quality of customer care.
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Never lose a receipt again

Leverage your costs, pay less taxes

New payment from your business bank account? Just attach the receipt, we take care of the rest.

Bonus: you get a tax tip for each new expense.

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Your invoices in 2 swipes

You work hard enough

Create invoices from anywhere. Your logo, no watermark: your invoices match your style.

Stop searching your bank statements: receive a notification as soon as you get paid.

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Submit VAT

VAT return is no longer a pain

You deserve better than uncertainty

You provision the right amount for your VAT payment.

Your VAT return is generated in-app, this is included in your subscription!

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the efficiency of an app

Get all the help you need: we want you to succeed!

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Interface for accountants

Interface for accountants

Accountants love us

We also make their lives easier

Share your data with them anytime: they will advise you even better.

Accounting team

You can have it all with Accountable Human

Optimize your taxes

One of our partner accountants reviews your accounting every quarter and mentors you about your next steps as self-employed.

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What happens if I do something wrong when encoding my invoices for instance?

It's not different than collecting your receipts, purchase and sales invoices in your accounting folder.

If you want an accountant to validate your expenses and revenues at the end of each quarter, you can opt for the Human Pack. Of course, our team is also available to guide you through the app.

Not sure whether I should take the leap and start using Accountable. Why would I do it?

We understand that dedicating mental space and time in switching from your own system for accounting to Accountable might be little enticing. That is why we made starting and using the app very intuitive.

Whenever you start, you can import all of your past documents for the quarter or the year by email or scan. This is as easy, probably even easier than any solution such as e.g. Dropbox. You then instantly have an accurate view on your social contributions and VAT totals, as well as your VAT return generated.

As soon as you login in the app, you can create and send invoices as well as capture a professional expense. If you like to receive guidance, it is available in the app. Alternatively, you can get started on your own and ask your questions (if you have any) on-the-go: we are available.

Your data is never locked in the app: it is as easy to import than to export in a nicely formatted Excel, together with the supporting documents (e.g. pdf of invoices).

If you opt for Accountable Human, we get in touch with your former accountant to make sure that your data are correctly transmitted and taken into consideration.

I am a complementary self-employed, is Accountable also a solution for me?

Yes, we built the app with the situation of complementary self-employed in mind, as you have very limited time to deal with your admin on top of a busy professional life. Yet you also deserve to optimize your taxes. With Accountable, you gain real-time visibility on what you earn, on what taxes you should pay and how to optimize your situation by e.g. making the most of your professional expenses.

Do I need an accountant or is the app enough?

It is your choice, before anything else:

Do you like to manage your accounting and admin on your own? Great! Use then Accountable to save time and focus on what matters to you: create invoices and professional expenses in one click, receive your VAT return generated in-app. Keep track of your taxable income, cash available, upcoming VAT and social contributions bills, all in the palm of your hand: you are well-equipped to take the right decisions for your business.

Do you love to work with your accountant and still want to use Accountable too? Totally doable: you export, in a nicely formatted Excel, all of your transactions and activities for a given period, together with the supporting documents. Your accountant can then advise you, based on your data nicely organized.

Do you want to team up with one of our partner accountants? Choose Accountable Human: your dedicated accountant reviews, and validates your accounting. You then pick a slot where he or she calls you to give you specific advice in order to optimize your taxes and prepare the next big steps of your self-employed life.

Why should I connect my bank account to Accountable?

Connecting your bank account to Accountable is fully safe & opens a new world of automation. Concretely, we use the connection to your bank account to:

Eliminate most manual work: with your account connected, you never have to type in a merchant name, nor correct an amount again. We also better assign the relevant accounting categories.

Make sure you never lose a paper receipt again: you make a payment, we notify you, you can attach the receipt.

Tell you when your invoices have been paid by your clients, without having you to open your banking app.

Compute how much cash is actually available on your account, based on your balance and upcoming tax deadlines.

How safe is it?

It is extremely safe, and this for several reasons:

  1. We typically only have a "read" access on your bank transactions, meaning that we cannot technically initiate transactions on your behalf.
  2. As a payment institution regulated under the National Bank of Belgium (as of January 2019, we are awaiting final approval), we have the strictest data security processes in place to protect your data. We are regularly audited and have strict reporting obligations.
  3. Your trust is our biggest asset. We know we don't have the right to mess this up.

Does Accountable work for limited companies?

You can use us to create your sales invoices, collect all your receipts, visualise your VAT reports in real-time and export your data to your accountant.

That said, we don't offer Human plans for limited companies yet, meaning we offer limited real-life support at the moment for those users.

Let us know if you need help: we also have partners to help you with the service part.

How much does Accountable cost?

Accountable PRO costs 10€/month (excl. VAT) when paid annually, or 15€/month (excl. VAT) paid monthly.

You can use Accountable for free as well, and have access to some features like connecting your bank account. But you are limited to scanning or uploading 5 documents per month.

Accountable Human costs 90€ per quarter and is an extra service on top of PRO or FREE.