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The companion you want as an independant. I’m really loving it and I have used lots of apps before..!!! I can’t wait for keeping using it more and more

10 May 2022 - appstore


Life saver! Absolute piece of mind, I almost never have to think about my accounting ❤️

14 October 2022 - appstore

TenaContent writer & strategist No need to know about accounting and taxes


Great app, the best I know to reconcile your bank statements and your sale invoices and expenses. Super intuitive it automates a lot of work, synch with one or several bank account. AI gives your accounting tips whilst using it. Simplifies Belgian accounting in its whole.

22 April 2022 - playstore


This is what I’ve been waiting for years. My accountant started to be a bit greedy and this the perfect – and probably better – replacement.

21 April 2023 - playstore


Accountable is the best app for helping you as an independent. I don’t know how I’d live without it, and it saves me hundreds of euros monthly by avoiding hiring an accountant. Support service is on point and always there for helping out!

7 April 2023 - playstore


It’s the most easy to handle & functional tax app I could wish. Thanks also for your great support on any question I have. So grateful that I found accountable!

- trustpilot


This app came on my path and is the ideal tool for my start-up. I started using it immediately. Curious where it will lead me but I’m confident. I didn’t have time to check who is behind this clever tool but I’m sure one day our paths will cross! I wish you all the best and remember we are here to help each other! Nice day. Christiaan.

- appstore

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letters from the Finanzamt?

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Rapid response time

1 day ago

Rapid response time

5 days ago

Thank you, Simon, for answering all my questions!

1 week ago

Thank you Eniola!

1 week ago

Thank you cassie for explaining to me why VAT submission was not working. It was my...

1 week ago

Super clear and kind

2 weeks ago

She is the best :)

2 weeks ago

Super! Romain had all the answers and shared his ressources!

2 weeks ago

Yery helpful and quick customer service.

2 weeks ago

quick and helpful response


Send flawless invoices

Send invoices that your clients will pay straight away Send invoices aligned with your brand
Your invoices are always 100% legal
Send reminders for unpaid invoices

Guaranteed 100% correct tax returns

You know what you owe in taxes, VAT, and social contributions at any time Get a reminder for every deadline
The app creates all your tax returns
Receive personalized tax tips

Never lose a receipt again

Always know what you can deduct Scan a receipt and see how much you save in taxes
Get a tax tip for each expense you add
The app links your expenses to your bank transactions

Unleash the power of your bank account

Never forget to deduct an expense again You see what to set aside for taxes
You are notified as soon as a client pays you
You know what you can afford to spend

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What happens if I make a mistake?

As of January 2023, we offer a guarantee for all tax returns generated by the app. That means that if you receive a fine because of an error or omission in any of the taxes you submitted through Accountable - even if it’s because of a mistake you made - we will cover that fine (up to €5,000 per declaration, excl. fraud and non-submission of taxes).

Today, there is no other software that systematically covers fines from Tax Authorities. There are no accountants who take on fines incurred in case of irregularities.

It is our way to offer complete peace of mind to everyone using Accountable to submit their taxes.

For more information about our tax declaration guarantee, please take a look at this page. If you have any questions about the guarantee, don’t hesitate to contact us through the chat in your right hand corner.

Can I use Accountable with my accountant?

Definitely! You can use Accountable whether you have an accountant or not.

If you have an accountant, you can give them access to your documents through our free accounting interface called Accountable Expert.

That way you enjoy complete control over your taxes and accounting and your accountant can concentrate on what they do best: giving great advice.

Do you have any questions about this? Don’t hesitate to contact us through the chat in your right hand corner.

How safe are you

Properly safe, for several reasons:

  1. Our data infrastructure is secure: we run regular pen-tests & are audited every year. All communications are encrypted. We deliver what you would expect from the best financial players in the world.

  2. We never share data with 3rd parties. Never. When we display tips & analyses, they are generated only for you and if a button leads you to a partner we like, no data is ever shared: you start from zero on their site.

  3. Your data is yours, 100%. You can ask us to delete your account & records at any point. We will execute it with the highest diligence.

  4. We have a "read only" access on your bank transactions, meaning that we cannot initiate transactions on your behalf.

  5. As a payment institution regulated under the National Bank of Belgium, we have the strictest data security processes in place to protect your data. We are regularly audited and have strict reporting obligations.

  6. Your trust is our biggest asset. We know we cannot mess this up.

Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to contact our support team!

How much does Accountable cost?

Accountable is available in a free version. With this, you can use the mobile app and add up to 5 documents per month.

Accountable SMALL is made for all independents who are exempt of VAT because their turnover is <€25.000 per year. Just like Accountable PRO, SMALL enables you to submit all your tax returns and manage your complete bookkeeping from your desktop or mobile phone. Accountable SMALL costs €17.5/month excl. VAT for a monthly subscription and €15/month excl. VAT for a yearly subscription.

Accountable PRO is made for all other independents. It covers all your tax obligations, so that you can handle your complete bookkeeping and taxes confidently by yourself. You enjoy full access to our desktop and mobile app. Accountable PRO costs €30/month excl. VAT for a monthly subscription and €20/month excl. VAT for a yearly subscription.

Do I still need an accountant or can your app take care of it all?

Whether you use Accountable with or without an accountant is up to you. What is good to know:

If you want to manage your own taxes and accounting with Accountable it is entirely possible. Accountable is able to take care of all your administrative and tax obligations as a self-employed natural person (personne physique/eenmanszaak). From VAT to income tax and from your client listings to your social contributions, our app covers it all. We also made sure that the app is easy to use, even if you have no accounting knowledge.

We know that there is more to being your own boss than meets the eye. Knowing what you need to do and when is no small feat. Especially when it is only you and every minute counts. That is why our customer success team is there to answer any of your questions: we are with you every step of the way.

We also know our limits. For complex questions that require an individual analysis, we will be happy to connect you to one of our partner accountants in your region. Contact us for more information.

That being said, if you would like to keep working with your accountant, that is of course possible too. You can easily share your documents with them through our accounting interface. It is intuitive, easy to use and free!

Is Accountable suitable for complementary self-employed or students self-employed?

Yes! The app can be completely tailored to your status. The only thing you’ll have to do, is tell us what your status is and we will do the rest.

The app takes into account whatever amounts, ceilings and thresholds are applicable to you and warns you when you might need to do something.

Is Accountable available for companies?

Yes of course! You can use Accountable to create invoices, manage your professional expenses and connect your bank account(s). This will give you a complete overview of your finances and help you make better decisions for your company.

The app can also generate your VAT returns and tell you how much you will need to set side for this. We unfortunately do not cover company tax yet, though.

At the end of the quarter, you can share all of your documents, already encoded, with your accountant so that they can concentrate on giving you great advice.

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Is Accountable suitable for special tax regimes?

Special regimes such as Margin scheme are not supported at the moment. If you need to apply this scheme, you won’t be able to use Accountable unfortunately.