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Free for everyone. Register as a self-employed and invoice your clients.

FREE plan includes
Free mobile app
Add up to 5 invoices per month
Connect 1 bank account
Upload up to 5 expenses per month
Claim your Starter Pack and receive a €105.50 voucher

Accountable PRO is suitable for limited companies (incl. BV/SRL).

E-invoicing: create invoices, quotes and manages expenses wherever you are, 100% compatible
with PEPPOL & e-invoicing standards. Never lose a receipt and have your invoices paid faster.

Bank transactions: all your bank transactions are automatically linked to their accounting documents.
You save 4 to 6 hours at the end of each quarter.

Taxes: you know how much VAT & corporate tax you will pay at the end of the period.
You know how much you earn at all times.

For limited companies, we always recommend to use Accountable in combination with your trusted accountant. Accountable does not support the creation of company balance sheets & company tax declarations.

With Accountable PRO your accountant benefits from a direct connection to his or her accounting software (Horus, Exact, Winbooks, Octopus) with all encoding already done.

If you are searching for an accountant that could help with your limited company, contact us.


What fellow freelancers say

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I’ve been using Accountable since the beginning and I couldn’t do without anymore. Step-by-step I moved more and more of my accounting process into it and know I’m even using it with my accountant. The new features usually make a lot of sense for me. They don’t neglect what is important for me so they spend time on bug fixing and improvement of what has been there since the beginning.


Honestly, Accountable saved my life. I’m completely new in Belgium and the local tax & administrative system is super confusing. Accountable made it easy for me to do my administration. I was also able to ask them many questions related specifically to my business and they were always very helpful. If you are a freelancer or run a business in Belgium, I can definitely recommend this.

Content writer & strategist
No need to know about accounting and taxes

This is what I’ve been waiting for years. My accountant started to be a bit greedy and this the perfect – and probably better – replacement.


The app works perfectly for me. The functionality to scan documents and quickly attach them to expenses is very useful for someone that, like me, is always forgetting to save receipts for later. Regarding the service itself, Accountable saved me so many headaches when I moved to Germany. The advisors are very helpful and quick to answer any question. I definitely recommend Accountable.


UI is great. Feature packed and very easy to use. I will be paying for the pro version when I finally get my business registration through. I had issues with connecting my bank at first (ING). It turned out to be a problem with the bank and not the app. The team at Accountable were VERY quick to respond (I even got a phone call from them, which pleasantly surprised me) and their team of technicians soon had a fix in place. Very happy with the level of service so far. Thumbs up from me!


Accountable is the best app for helping you as an independent. I don’t know how I’d live without it, and it saves me hundreds of euros monthly by avoiding hiring an accountant. Support service is on point and always there for helping out!


Great app, fantastic service. I cannot stress enough how awesome your customer service is! Keep up the great work!


Accounting for our small consultancy is a pleasure and simple; (correct) VAT returns are virtually automatic. So easy to take a photo of a receipt on the spot, e.g. restaurant or shop, the platform enters the expense automatically. And the customer help is first-rate, very quick to respond and clear. It even works out your income tax…


Life saver! Absolute piece of mind, I almost never have to think about my accounting. ❤️


Accountable has transformed what used to be a dreaded chore into an enjoyable and friendly experience. The sense of relief that comes with being financially accountable is truly invaluable. With Accountable, my taxes are effortlessly handled, leaving me with peace of mind. Thank you for making accounting a breeze!

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Mobile App & Web access
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Income tax return
VAT return
Intra-EU listing
Client listing
Social contributions
P&L statement
Tax guarantee
Tax calculator
Personalised invoices
Create quotes
Scan expenses
Connect & sync
Connect your bank account
Connect with Paypal
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Support & guidance
Personal Tax Coach
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Receive personalised tax tips

Need an additional tax advisory service?

As a SMALL/PRO user you can book support from our specialised tax advisors as needed.

On demand: You only pay for the services you really need.

Tailored: We recommend experts specialised in self-employment.

Efficient: Your tax advisor has access to your data via Accountable.

Call with tax advisor

Get 40 minutes with a certified accountant that has access to your file in Accountable.


excl. VAT

Accounting review

Get all your documents reviewed when you actually need it.
Price per document reviewed

€3 per document,

excl. VAT

Tax audit support

Get qualified support in case of a tax audit

€100 per hour,

excl. VAT

Income Tax Report

Do you have a unique tax situation or need a special attachment? Complete your tax return with a tax advisor.

Starting at €300

excl. VAT

Official proof of income

Get an overview of your income and expenses for a specific financial year.


excl. VAT

Have questions?
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What is the best plan for me?

Accountable is available in a free version. With this, you can use the mobile app and add up to 5 documents per month.

Accountable SMALL is made for franchisees (independents who don't charge VAT because their turnover is <€25.000 per year). SMALL enables you to submit all your tax returns and manage your complete bookkeeping from your desktop or mobile phone. Accountable SMALL costs €17.5/month excl. VAT for a monthly subscription and €15/month excl. VAT for a yearly subscription.

Accountable PRO is made for all other independents. It covers all your tax obligations, so that you can handle your complete bookkeeping and taxes confidently by yourself. You enjoy full access to our desktop and mobile app. Accountable PRO costs €30/month for a monthly subscription and €20/month for a yearly subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any given moment.

If you have a monthly subscription, it means that when you cancel your subscription, your subscription will end 1 month after your last payment and you won't be billed again.

Similarly, if you have a yearly subscription, it means that if you cancel your subscription, your subscription will end 1 year after your last payment and you won't be billed again.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can either upgrade through your mobile app store or through Stripe.

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer Apple Pay & Google Pay, Paypal and creditcard, among other payment methods, which you can read about here and here.

If you upgrade through Stripe, you can pay through Bancontact, creditcard & SEPA.

What does your tax guarantee mean?

As of January 2023, we offer a guarantee for all tax returns generated by the app. That means that if you receive a fine because of an error or omission in any of the taxes you submitted through Accountable - even if it’s because of a mistake you made - we will cover that fine (up to €5,000 per declaration, excl. fraud and non-submission of taxes).

Today, there is no other software that systematically covers fines from Tax Authorities. There are no accountants who take on fines incurred in case of irregularities.

It is our way to offer complete peace of mind to everyone using Accountable to submit their taxes.

For more information about our tax declaration guarantee, please take a look at this page. If you have any questions about the guarantee, don’t hesitate to contact us through the chat in your right hand corner.

Do I still need an accountant or can your app take care of it all?

Whether you use Accountable with or without an accountant is up to you. What is good to know:

If you want to manage your own taxes and accounting with Accountable it is entirely possible. Accountable is able to take care of all your administrative and tax obligations as a self-employed natural person (personne physique/eenmanszaak). From VAT to income tax and from your client listings to your social contributions, our app covers it all. We also made sure that the app is easy to use, even if you have no accounting knowledge.

We know that there is more to being your own boss than meets the eye. Knowing what you need to do and when is no small feat. Especially when it is only you and every minute counts. That is why our customer success team is there to answer any of your questions: we are with you every step of the way.

We also know our limits. For complex questions that require an individual analysis, we will be happy to connect you to one of our partner accountants in your region. Contact us for more information.

That being said, if you would like to keep working with your accountant, that is of course possible too. You can easily share your documents with them through our accounting interface. It is intuitive, easy to use and free!