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Internet and telephone fees Deduct your internet fees

Internet fees are easily deductible, as the link to your activity is generally obvious. Who does not need the internet to work today?

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What can I deduct?

Search business expenses that match your situation. Tailor-made for self employed professionals in 🇧🇪

Most Used Free Tax Resources

Income Tax Calculator

Discover how much you will actually earn from your self-employment and how much taxes you need to pay.

Just a few clicks and the income tax calculator does the rest – no tax expertise needed. Simplify your financial planning and get rid of uncertainty around tax calculations.

Invoice & Offer templates

Simply use these templates to create flawless, professional invoices tailored for German self-employed professionals.

Your invoices should be as good as your work. And of course legally correct. It's completely free and requires no registration.

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-employment Taxes

You are thinking of starting out as a self-employed professional in Germany? You have come to the right place!

Here you find the free resources to answer all essential questions to become self-employed.