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You are not alone when it comes to handling your freelance obligations. With our Tax Coaches, you have a real human at your side, supporting you with your tax issues.

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Our team of Tax Coaches is here to become your trusted tax allies. Get in contact with real people who know what they’re talking about.

Tax Coach Belgium


Cassie loves to travel and to discover more about different cultures and history. She is involved in activities related to her faith. In addition to being a tax coach, she is also a food lover.

Tax Coach Belgium


Simon has been working as independent for over 10 years, and is also coaching young student starters on his free time. He knows the Belgian tax system can be confusing and is always happy to explain it in simple words to fellow freelancers.

Tax Coach Belgium


Romain loves helping freelancers and never hesitates to jump into a video call for a personalised follow-up. At the same time, he's a fan of water sports and nature.

Tax Coach Belgium


Meet Sacha, our empathic Tax Coach! Sacha's enthusiasm and dedication towards helping others shines through in everything she does. She has an unparalleled ability to connect with clients on a personal level. Running is her therapy, and she follows the sun all year round. Sacha's zest for life extends to the kitchen, where she whips up delicious meals to savor.

Tax Coach Belgium


Meet Eniola! As a Tax Coach, she’s always ready to help others with a smile. In addition to supporting businesses with their taxes, she has a passion for sports, animals, photography, traveling, and delicious food! With her enthusiasm and warm personality, Eniola is determined to assist you in making your business a success.

Tax Coach Belgium


Agata is driven by curiosity, perceptiveness and enthusiasm. She happily answers to every tax related question you might have and will do everything to help you and your business. She loves listening to music by her favourite artists, learning new languages, travelling and has lost her heart in Seoul.

What to expect from your Tax Coach


Your free & personal onboarding package

Book a free onboarding when it fits your schedule

Choose between a video call, phone call, email or chat message

Schedule a follow-up call to look back at your first month together


A practical answer to your questions in plain English

You’ll understand how taxes work

You’ll be able to use the app at its full potential

You’ll get personalised answers in English within 1 day


Additional support when needed

Get in contact with a certified tax advisor, if needed

We take your feedback seriously and optimize the app according to your suggestions

Book a free webinar to get in-depth tax knowledge


We can’t provide legal tax advice

We are not allowed to give tax or legal advice

We provide knowledge and valuable resources instead

But we connect you with an official tax advisor partner if requested

Struggling with
letters from the Finanzamt?

A Tax Coach can help you with that.

User reviews from past conversations

10 hours ago

Very helpful guidance with clear explanations. I managed to do alone the first tax declaration thanks...

1 day ago

Franzi was quick to respond, super helpful and made sure I coulg get the most out...

1 week ago

Esther is polite, prompt, professional, and helpful. Thank you, Esther.

1 week ago

amazing support as always <3

2 weeks ago

Anne was great and informative! Really appreciated her advice and swift responses.

2 weeks ago

answered questions in a satisfactory way, very positive and nice to talk to as well

2 weeks ago

What a great man

2 weeks ago

Thank you so much Anne, this was really helpful!

2 weeks ago

after struggling for months to figure out the problems in my account over email despite requesting...

3 weeks ago

kind and informative