On demand support to our PRO users from certified accountants

Send us a message in your app to get paired with a certified accountant, who will help you on the following services*

Tax question

Ask all your questions to our support team. If we cannot answer, we will connect you to an accountant.

Accounting review

Get all your documents reviewed when you actually need it.

3 per doc, excl. VAT

Call with Accountant

Get 40 minutes with a certified accountant that has access to your file in Accountable.

70 excl. VAT

Income tax

300 excl. VAT

Limited Company

Create a BV or SRL to your optimise taxes.

from 1,500 excl. VAT

Tax audit support

100 per hour excl. VAT

Company tax

Certified business plan

500 excl. VAT

Certified proof of income

200 excl. VAT

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How it works

We match you with the best accountant for your situation.
They save time. You save money. Everyone is happy.
It’s the future of accounting.

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Start on accountable

You create an account within the app, it is entirely free

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Select the service you need

Get access to all the services you need as self-employed

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We assign you the best partner

They get your request on the same day and come back to you in less than 3 working days*

step 4
You get the answers you want

Your assigned tax advisor provides the service directly to you and charge you accordingly

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Our users are in love with it


I finally know how much I am earning and how much I can spend without worrying about my tax bills


Many thanks for the follow-up! It is a pleasure to meet a company with that quality of customer care.
Keep up the good job, I've been telling everybody about you.


Very responsive team who give good advice to start as self-employed. Thanks !!!

Frequently asked questions

How will this accountant, that does not know me yet, understand my situation?

Accountable users can easily share their accounting data with an accountant: once you gave them access, your accountant can review and validate all of your invoices, expenses and give you advice based on your data thanks to our accounting interface.

You do not need to transfer any documents. The accountant will have the latest updates on your situation thanks to our accounting interface.

Of course, you'll need to authorize them before they can access anything.

I am self-employed as a natural person, would your partner accountants be able to help me?

Yes! The accountants we partner with are used to supporting self-employed as natural persons, at every stage of their activity.

Our users often commented that, as natural persons, it was not always easy to access an accountant's advice. This is one of the reasons that motivated us to start this service.

I am a one-person-company, is this also the solution for me?

Yes! Any self-employed that uses our app can buy one of the services described above from one of our partner accountants.

How are your prices determined?

Our partner accountants set their own prices and charge them directly. We communicate their price range on our page.

Note that we do not charge you, nor the accountants, for this service. Our role here is to pair the self-employed with accountants that can help them, thanks to their expertise, and our free and intuitive accountants' interface.

Will I be able to build a lasting relationship with this accountant, if need be?

Should this need arise on your side, you are naturally free to discuss it with the accountant that has just supported you.

I am an accountant, how can I work with you?

You can already check our accountants' interface and see if that would answer your needs: you would find your clients' expenses and invoices encoded, be able to (batch)review, edit and validate them as well as to generate VAT returns in one click, all of it for free.

Note that if your clients do not use Accountable yet, you can offer them in your name 3 months of Accountable Pro.

Next to that, you can contact our team at [email protected] to start a discussion on you joining our accountants' network!

* is Accountable responsible for the services provided?

Tax advisors are totally independent and Accountable cannot be legally lied responsible for their services.

They will also charge you independently the fee for their services.

Make sure you confirm with tax advisors the scope of services and related price before you enter business relationship. In case you encounter a problem with a tax advisor, please reach out to us.