How much should you charge as a freelancer?

How much should you charge as a freelancer
to match your current situation as an employee?

As an employee
your net salary

As a self-employed
your annual revenue

€ per day
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net salary

Annual revenue

€ per day
Net salary

Annual revenue

€ per day
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Customize the analysis

Civil Status
What is your civil status?
How many children do you have in total?
Out of those, how many are under the age of three?
Do you need to buy a new laptop for your activity?
Do you need to buy a new cellphone?
Do you plan to invest further in technology assets? If yes, for which budget?
How much do you plan to spend on office rent (monthly)?
Do you plan to work from home?
How much do you plan to spend on restaurants for your self-employed activity?
How much do you currently spend on restaurants that will now be considered as professional in your new activity?
How much will you spend on public transport (including Uber, Lime and all cool 🚕 or 🛴 companies) to get to your workplace?
Do you plan to lease a car?
Do you plan to buy a bike?
How many days a week do you plan to work?
How many holidays do you plan to take?
What percentage of your working time can be effectively billed to your client?
Disclaimer : this calculation is naturally based on a series of assumptions.
You can refine the result by updating the parameters below.

We are also helping self-employed register at the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises and the VAT administration, right from the app. It’s easy, to get started, you simply need to download us and we’ll guide you from there.

If you have any more question, please feel free to contact us: we’d be glad to help.

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