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Becoming self-employed: how to create a successful Shopify webshop

Imagine: your own webshop or e-commerce, where you have the freedom to be your own...

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Special VAT declaration for self-employed people who are VAT exempt

Are you covered by the VAT exemption scheme for small businesses? Then you don’t have...

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Primostarter: benefit from reduced social security contributions

Have you just become self-employed as your main activity? Under certain conditions, you’re allowed to...

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What to do if you suddenly become subject to VAT

When you first started your freelance business in Belgium, you might not have been expecting...

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Self-employment as a main or secondary occupation: which is the better option?

The allure of self-employment beckons, but is it better to start as a main occupation...

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E-invoicing for the self-employed explained

As a business, you may invoice in any way you prefer, as long as the...

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