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Guaranteed income insurance when you’re self-employed: a must?

When you’re self-employed, the last thing you want to be dealing with is illness or...

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22nd November 2023 - Read in 2 minutes

Which professional insurance is worth considering when you’re self-employed?

Having your own business: it’s great to be able to do your own thing, but...

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- Read in 3 minutes

100 ways for freelancers in Belgium to find, get and keep clients

In this article, you can find an extensive list with actionable tips on how freelancers...

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17th November 2023 - Read in 9 minutes

VAT exemption: when and for whom?

You’ve probably heard about the VAT exemption scheme, but what exactly does that mean? And...

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24th October 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Which business structure should you choose when becoming self-employed in Belgium?

You’ve developed a service or have a product in mind and want to start your...

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- Read in 4 minutes

Progressive tax brackets when you’re self-employed in Belgium

As a self-employed individual with a sole proprietorship, your income is taxed under the personal...

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Can you use your (personal) credit card for professional expenses?

If you’re a sole proprietor in Belgium and occasionally use your credit card for business...

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18th September 2023 - Read in 2 minutes

What if you make a loss in your sole proprietorship?

If you’ve just started as a self-employed sole trader in Belgium, it might happen that...

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8th September 2023 - Read in 5 minutes

Self-employed in a company? Optimise your salary with meal vouchers!

Meal vouchers are hugely popular in Belgium. About half of Belgian workers enjoy this extra-legal...

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- Read in 4 minutes

Dividends: how to distribute profits when you’re self-employed in a company in Belgium

Is it possible to optimise your salary by paying yourself dividends when you’re self-employed in...

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- Read in 4 minutes

Does buying an electric bike make sense when you’re self-employed?

As a freelancer in Belgium, you’re always looking for ways to optimise your expenses. So,...

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1st September 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Amortising costs: when and how to do it?

As a business owner, when you deduct your business expenses from your turnover, you have...

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16th August 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

How is your Airbnb income taxed in Belgium?

More and more people in Belgium are renting out accommodation on Airbnb. It’s definitely not...

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- Read in 4 minutes

Submitting your VAT return via Intervat as an independent in Belgium

As an independent in Belgium, you have to submit your VAT return periodically. This declaration...

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21st July 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Submitting your income tax return via Tax-on-web as an independent in Belgium

Are you self-employed and planning to file your personal income tax return yourself? It’s absolutely...

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- Read in 6 minutes

Is it mandatory to hire an accountant when you’re self-employed?

To cut a long story short: no. As a self-employed person, there’s no obligation to...

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18th July 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

International VAT obligations: how does it work?

Your business is gaining momentum and becoming known outside Belgium. But what happens with VAT...

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21st June 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Self-employed in a secondary occupation: 5 tips for your taxes

You probably decided to become self-employed in a secondary occupation because you wanted to earn...

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- Read in 4 minutes

How to deduct your second-hand car

2020 ushered in some changes to the deductibility of car-related expenses, including that of used...

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20th June 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Everything you need to know about using Upwork in Belgium

Are you starting out as a freelancer in Belgium and don’t know where to find...

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12th May 2023 - Read in 5 minutes

VAT rules for business purchases within or outside the EU 

Do you have to pay VAT if you buy goods or services abroad for your...

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- Read in 2 minutes

7 expenses you can deduct if you work from home

Setting up your own home office is not only practical, it’s also interesting from a...

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- Read in 3 minutes

From sole trader to company: when and how?

When you first become self-employed and don’t have any employees, you often start out as...

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20th April 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Part-time self-employed? Here’s how to calculate your taxes!

When you earn income from a secondary occupation, this is added to your gross annual...

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- Read in 2 minutes

How are NFTs taxed?

Do you already have NFTs, or are considering buying some? If so, then make sure...

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18th April 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Don’t miss out on these administrative deadlines as an independent!

As an independent, you’re most likely aware that there are too few (working) hours in...

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29th March 2023 - Read in 5 minutes

5 Tools for creating stylish and on-brand invoices that your clients will love

Being an independent or freelancer comes with a number of administrative matters, such as your...

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2nd March 2023 - Read in 5 minutes

All tax declarations made with Accountable are now guaranteed ⭐️

If you get a fine from the Tax Office, we will pay for it. It...

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11th January 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Step by step: registering as self-employed in Belgium

You have finally made the decision to become self-employed, well done! As a first step,...

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6th September 2022 - Read in 3 minutes

Can you get parental leave as a self-employed worker? Your rights after birth or adoption

As an entrepreneur, your social contributions typically provide less compared to the social benefits you...

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6th May 2022 - Read in 3 minutes

Accountable & Ring Twice partner to help more talented neighbours become successful independents

Ring Twice suppliers can now rely on Accountable to manage their finances as self-employed. The...

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16th March 2022 - Read in 2 minutes

Your family allowances as a student self-employed

Are you a (higher education) student and ready to start as an entrepreneur? It is...

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5th January 2022 - Read in 3 minutes

How to modify your VAT return after you submitted it

You had already closed your quarter and submitted your VAT return to Intervat … Suddenly...

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9th November 2021 - Read in 3 minutes

Accountable raises €5,7 million to serve the European self-employed

🎙 “Belgian startup raises €5.7 million from two UK investors. That’s a nice Series A,...

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14th September 2021 - Read in 2 minutes

Instructions for paying & declaring copyright revenue

Your supplier has sent you an invoice that includes copyright fees: you will find all...

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11th May 2021 - Read in < 1 minute

Opening a free professional bank account: for whom and how?

It’s a common question among people that are considering becoming self-employed: is it mandatory to...

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13th April 2021 - Read in 3 minutes

Press Release: ING to offer Accountable to its starters

Accountable and ING join forces to offer to new self-employed professionals their bank & accounting...

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2nd April 2021 - Read in 2 minutes

Copyrights revenue for Belgian freelancers

You are software developer, marketeer, creative, writer, translator, or you simply produce original artistic or...

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16th February 2021 - Read in 6 minutes

How to deduct (part of) your housing costs

Are you self-employed, in a main or secondary occupation? You probably didn’t wait for 2020...

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13th January 2021 - Read in 2 minutes

What is amortization?

A self-employed professional has to invest in order to start and grow their business. These...

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24th November 2020 - Read in 4 minutes

The VAT reverse charge: what you need to know as a self-employed professional

The VAT reverse charge is a complicated word for a simple concept. It helps you...

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1st October 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

How to draft terms and conditions for your business

You may already have seen these terms and conditions on an invoice or a quote...

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19th August 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

The insurances you need as a complementary self-employed

“The complementary self-employed have the same obligations as the full-time self-employed but do not have...

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12th August 2020 - Read in 2 minutes

How to deduct your second-hand car?

In 2020, the cars’ taxation underwent a couple of changes. We shed full light on...

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6th August 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

How to start as a complementary self-employed in Belgium

Complementary self-employed is the ideal status to top up your income, measure the profitability of...

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14th July 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Why we launch a web version now

We launched Accountable because we felt that a modern, intuitive solution to help the self-employed...

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7th July 2020 - Read in 2 minutes

Should you fear a tax audit?

Are you worried about a potential tax audit? Hassan Ayed, one of our partner accountants,...

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1st July 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Jacob McPherson: “the corona crisis gave me the opportunity to finally focus on my brand again”

After starting as a freelancer in New York, in the aftermath of the financial crisis,...

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18th June 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Your free invoice template, to fill in, designed for self-employed in Belgium

Do you need to figure out how to write your first invoices in Belgium? Download...

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9th June 2020 - Read in 4 minutes

Linda A. Thompson: “I love being a freelance journalist, in spite of the unsustainable rates”

We might be on the brink of a new recession. This time, at the difference...

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19th May 2020 - Read in 4 minutes

Becoming self-employed while under unemployment: what are the conditions?

Are you currently receiving unemployment benefits in Belgium and consider starting a self-employed activity? You...

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14th May 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Accountable launches in Germany

It is now official: this week, Accountable launches in Germany. We have always envisioned Accountable...

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30th April 2020 - Read in 2 minutes

5 questions to ask your accountants these days (and their replies)

You deserve accurate answers to the tax and accounting questions you have today. You also...

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22nd April 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Complementary self-employed and in economic unemployment: what are your possibilities?

More than one complementary self-employed person today is faced with this question: “If my employer...

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1st April 2020 - Read in 2 minutes

Briana Stuart: “I dance to keep the joy of moving alive”

Briana Stuart: You may know her as a choreographer, a dancer, or a teacher. Across...

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4th March 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Independent? Put these dates in your diary for 2023!

The life of an independent professional tends to be very hectic and it’s not always...

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7th February 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

Everything you need to know about professional expenses 💸

It’s more than likely that you’ve already heard someone tell you to “keep your receipts...

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9th July 2019 - Read in 3 minutes

Our tips on social contributions for self-employed workers

Social contributions are yet another payment: as a self-employed, you are expected to pay these...

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- Read in 4 minutes

Ready to become self-employed in a secondary occupation?

Self-employed in a secondary occupation is a great way to test a new idea while...

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5th July 2019 - Read in 4 minutes

Student and entrepreneur? Here is the right status for you!

Are you ready to launch your own venture and you are still studying? Are you...

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