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The annual client listing for self-employed individuals in Belgium

The annual client listing, or VAT listing, is a list of all Belgian companies to...

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Buying a car when you’re self-employed: these are the tax benefits

Are you self-employed and considering buying a car? You probably have lots of questions. What’s...

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How to start as a self-employed individual in a secondary occupation

Are you considering becoming a self-employed individual in Belgium? Starting a side business is an...

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10 pros and cons of becoming self-employed in a secondary occupation

Dilemmas, dilemmas. Should you follow your dreams and become self-employed in a secondary occupation? Or,...

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New VAT rules: What does the OSS scheme mean for your EU customers?

If you sell to private customers within the European Union, you generally charge VAT. However,...

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VAT rules in the EU: do you have to charge VAT when selling to a business customer?

When selling to individuals in the EU, you usually have to charge VAT. But are...

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