Terms & Conditions – Accountable App and Services

These Terms & Conditions govern the Users’ use of the mobile and web app offered by Accountable SA (“the Accountable App”) and the advertisements, documents, videos and information contained therein (“the Information”) and the Accountable Website.

The Accountable App and the Services are available to Users aged 18 or over (referred to as “You” “your”, or the “User”) registered at the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises and acting in the context of their professional activities.

Accountable is authorised as an account information service provider by the National Bank of Belgium, Boulevard de Berlaimont/Berlaimontlaan 14, B-1000 Brussels (Tel.: +32 2 221 21 11 – www.bnb.be) and supervised by the National Bank of Belgium and the Federal Public Service Economy, S.M.E.s, Self-employed and Energy. City Atrium C, Rue du Progrès/Vooruitgangstraat 50, 1210 Brussels (Tel.: 32 800 120 33 – www.economie.fgov.be).

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before registering or using the Services and keep them for your records. By fully installing the Accountable App, registering and/or using the Accountable App, You confirm that You are legally bound by the Terms & Conditions, as amended from time to time.

These Terms & Conditions are available in English and French. These Terms & Conditions are available at any time on the website of Accountable (https://www.accountable.eu) and may be provided to You on a durable medium at Your request.


The capitalised terms in these General Terms & Conditions shall have the following meaning:

  • Terms & Conditions: the present Terms & Conditions between You as the User and Accountable SA
  • Accountable: Accountable SA
  • Accountable SA: Accountable S.A., having its registered seat at 22, Drève des Weiglias, 1170 Brussels, Belgium
  • Accountable App or App: the application for Web, Android or iOS mobile devices (i.e. mobile phones, tablets or any similar device as they become available from time to time) offered by Accountable SA
  • Accountable Credentials or Credentials: Your personalised username, password and/or PIN code (as chosen by You) allowing You to identify Yourself to access and use the Accountable App
  • Accountable Website: the website operated by Accountable containing information on Accountable products and services
  • Device: the mobilephone, computer or any other device with which You use the Accountable App
  • Information: the advertisements, documents, videos and information contained in the Accountable App
  • Tax Declaration General Terms & Conditions: the terms and conditions applicable to the Tax Declaration Guarantee available at this link.
  • Tax Declaration Guarantee: the accuracy guarantee provided to the registered user of Accountable PRO subject to terms of conditions of the Tax Declaration General Terms & Conditions
  • the Services: the services provided through the Accountable App by Accountable
  • Third-Party Providers: third party providers of service, connection, site, platform, application, software or integration that interoperates with the Services.
  • User / You / Your: you, in your capacity as the user of the Accountable App
  • VAT: The Value Added Tax

Description of the Accountable App and of the Services

The Accountable App and the Services

The Accountable App is a mobile application for Web, Android and iOS mobile devices providing Users with a wide range of services. These different services can be free or paid.

The Services allow You to :

  • Connect to Your bank account and import Your banking transactions in the App
  • Input new expenses, scan receipts and read the relevant information in the Accountable App;
  • Classify your expenses;
  • Match receipts and accounting documents to transactions;
  • Create & send sales invoices and quotes;
  • Visualize and submit your VAT statement, social contribution bills and estimated income/company profit tax (based on professional revenue captured by the app)

The Services and the functionalities of the App may vary depending on the options You selected in the App. Some of the Services are subject to the payment of a subscription fee, as further described in the App. Please refer to the explanations provided in the App for more details on the functions and services available.

The Information provided through the Accountable App

The Accountable App may contain information (including personalised tips) intended to inform the User on specific aspects relating to its functioning or the User’s rights or obligations with regard to accounting or tax obligations.

The documents and information included in the Accountable App or the Accountable Website are for general information purposes only. The information provided by Accountable is generic and not intended to be a substitute for professional advice or judgment, which could only be given by Your professional advisor.

While Accountable strives to provide the Accountable App with as accurate information as possible, Accountable does not guarantee the accuracy nor their exhaustiveness of the information provided in the App or and it will not be liable for any loss relating to the information provided in the Accountable App or Accountable Website. The forgoing does not apply insofar the User can invoke the Tax Declaration Guarantee.

If you notice an error or omission with regards to the information present on the Accountable App or Accountable Website, You may inform us by email at [email protected]. However, Accountable specifies that it is under no circumstances required to modify this content in such a case.

The Accountable App may contain third party content and links to other websites that are completely independent from Accountable. Third-party content and links are included solely for the convenience of users and do not constitute an approval, endorsement or warranty by Accountable. Moreover, Accountable is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of third-party information or for the products or services offered or sold through any linked website. In this respect, You assume sole responsibility for the use of third-party information.

Information may be added or deleted from the Accountable App, and both the Accountable App and the Information may be modified without notice. Accountable reserves the right to modify the Accountable App, the website or any other media it controls, their access modalities and their content.

You must ensure that each person having access to the Services and Information is an authorised User.

Integrations, AI Features and Third Party Providers

The Service enables you to engage and procure certain third party services, products, apps and tools in connection with the Service offered via our integrations offering or which You decide to connect through our API, as part of the Service (collectively, “Third Party Services”).

You acknowledge and agree that regardless of the manner in which such Third Party Services may be offered to You, we merely act as an intermediary platform between You and such Third Party Providers, and we do not endorse these Third Party Services, or shall be responsible or liable with respect to any these Third Party Services. Your relationship with these Third Party Services and any terms governing your use of thereof, including without limitation, the processing of data by these Third Party Providers, are subject to a separate contractual arrangement or terms and conditions between You and the Third Party Providers (the “Third Party Provider’s Terms”).

From time to time, Accountable may introduce, as part of the Services, AI-enabled features, and capabilities (“AI Features”) that utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, or similar technologies (the “Al Technology”). The AI Features are not mandatory or integrated by default and do not constitute core functionality for the relevant Services.

Some of the AI Features will be provided by Third Party Providers. When You utilize AI Features within the Services, such usage constitutes your instruction for Accountable to transmit the relevant data to the corresponding Third-Party Provider [via API]. By using the AI Features, You agree to be bound by the Third Party Service Provider’s Terms. To ensure transparency, the scope of such data transfers is always available to You in Privacy Policy available here

The User bears sole responsibility for the any information, content or code uploaded to the AI Feature (“Input”). By utilizing the AI Features, the User will receive output insights generated based on the Input (“Output”), collectively referred to as “Content.” The User is responsible for ensuring that the Content complies with applicable laws and these Terms & Conditions.

The User understands and agrees that the AI Features are provided by Third Party Providers, and Accountable has no control over, and cannot be held responsible for: (i) the quality, accuracy, effectiveness, or security of the Output; or (ii) the subsequent use of your information by the Third Party Providers after it has been transmitted to them. Due to the probabilistic nature of machine learning and AI, the use of our AI Features may occasionally produce incorrect Output that does not accurately reflect the desired action. It is the User’s responsibility to assess the accuracy of any Output and not rely on Accountable for such evaluation. To the extent, our Input contains personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy available here for more information of how your personal data is processed by Accountable.

Access, use, and availability of the Services

Conditions of use

Access to and use of the Services is only allowed for natural persons above 18 years or legal persons who are registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and who use the Services within the context of their professional activities. The Services may not be available in every country or in other languages than English, Dutch, German or French.

The availability of the different services and functionalities offered through the Accountable App can vary from time to time, among others (but not limited to) depending on the type of Device You use to access them or its operating system, your location, or your telecom operator. The functioning of the Accountable App may also vary depending on the speed of your internet connection, technical reasons, maintenance, or updates.

The User accepts all the limitations that Accountable could put in place in the use of the Services.

Accountable may interrupt, temporarily or not, all or part of the Services without prior notice. If the interruption proves to be definitive, Users of paid services on the site will be reimbursed for services not yet realized and the remaining share of continuous subscriptions.

No indemnities shall be granted in case of temporary or permanent interruption of the services offered through the Accountable App.

Account creation

Some features of the Services require the creation of an account. In such case, You will need to provide a certain amount of information that is available on the User’s setting space in the Accountable App and can be modified at any time. The information to be provided depends on the type of services used and the legal form of the User.

In order to benefit from full use of the Services, You will have to provide true and complete information. In case of any change, that information will need to be updated. If You provide incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete information, Accountable reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your account.

Upon the creation of Your account, You must provide a valid e-mail address (personal to You) and also determine Your Accountable Credentials (account name, password and/or PIN code). When doing so, You shall not the preservation of your Accountable Credentials’ confidentiality falls under Your sole responsibility, and You shall not disclose Your Accountable Credentials to any other person (including Your spouse/partner, family members, or friends). You agree to inform Accountable immediately if You notice or suspect a fraudulent use of Your account.

Continuity of the App and the Services related thereto

Accountable shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the continuity of the availability of the Accountable App and the services related thereto. However, it may suspend access to the Accountable App, without notice or compensation, for the purpose of maintenance or for any urgent circumstances (including in case of fraud or suspicion or risk of fraud). Even though Accountable will in principle notify You as soon as reasonably possible of any interruption, Accountable cannot be held liable for any compensation in the case of the absence of such a notification.

Accountable cannot guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free functioning of the Accountable App. The Accountable App may be delayed, unavailable or inaccurate from time to time due to a variety of factors, including location, speed of the internet connection, technical reasons, maintenance or updates. The Accountable App is available through Your Device when it is within the operating range of a wireless carrier. The quality of the services may also vary depending on the Device used.

Security of Your Credentials

The Accountable Credentials You have selected are strictly personal and confidential and should be kept safely guarded. You must take all reasonable measures to keep them safe and observe the following security requirements:

  • When choosing Your Credentials, You must choose secure elements, avoiding any combinations or passwords that are obvious.
  • You should keep Your Credentials secret: do not disclose them to anyone else, not even a family member, a friend or anyone, even if you think that he/she is acting with the best of intentions. If You have reason to believe that someone else knows Your Credentials, You should change them immediately.
  • You should never write Your Credentials down
  • When entering the Credentials in the App, You must do it discreetly and avoid that any other person sees them in that process.

Access to the data on Your bank account

Accountable will only access the information from the bank accounts for which You have expressly given Your consent. Accountable will not use, access or store any data for purposes other than for performing the services accessible through the Accountable App (including, as the case may be, the options to which You have agreed upon under these Terms & Conditions).

Accountable will ensure that personalised security credentials related to Your bank account will not, with the exception of You and Your bank, be accessible to third parties.

How we will communicate with You

Any notification or communication related to Services may be sent to You, including changes to these Terms & Conditions, by Accountable to the e-mail address of Your account, through the Accountable App or by posting it on Accountable Website.

Accountable will communicate with You in the language You chose when You created Your account.

At any time during the relationship, You are entitled to obtain the terms and conditions applicable to the Services on a durable medium (e.g. PDF).

Furthermore they will be available on the website www.accountable.eu.

Fees for the use of the App and the Services

For Services offered on a payment or subscription basis, the following terms apply, unless (i) Accountable notifies You otherwise in writing or (ii) in case the subscription is purchased through a third party in-app payment service (e.g.,  Apple or Google’s in-app payment service), in which case the third party’s terms will apply). Accountable will provide a billing statement to the User electronically. Any billing error must be notified to us within 90 days of billing. Otherwise, Accountable will not be forced to refund the User. Failure to pay may result in the suspension of the account, the application of interest fees or the termination of the agreement. Expenses incurred on this occasion will be borne by the User.

You have the right to terminate Your contract at any time. Unless otherwise required by law, no subscription will be refunded for this reason and You remain liable for the amounts due for the services provided.

Some services will have a free trial period. If You subscribe to a free trial period, at its end this trial period will, unless You notify that You do not wish to continue using those services, automatically be transferred to the free Accountable services. In the absence of notification that You do not wish to continue using the services after the free trial period, we will be authorised to debit Your account for the amount of the paid subscription, it being understood that You remain at all times entitled to decide to terminate Your subscription to those paid services in accordance with these terms and conditions

Your obligations when using of the Services and of the Accountable App

You must use the Services and the Accountable App in accordance with their purpose. If the Services are used to set up and manage illegal projects, Accountable reserves the right to take any legal action to repair the damage it suffered in relation therewith.

You must notify Accountable without undue delay on becoming aware that Your Accountable Credentials have or may potentially have been breached or disclosed to any unauthorised person, or of any possible unauthorised access to Your account.

In addition, You shall not

  • use the Services or the Information in a manner that does not respect the copyright or proprietary rights they include;
  • make multiple copies or copies of the Information for distribution;
  • sell the Services or any other part of the Information to third parties;
  • modify the content of the Services.

In the event of unauthorised use of the Services or of the Information, or the violation of the present general conditions of use and more generally of any applicable law, You undertake to compensate Accountable and all the parts having undergone a harm caused by these acts.

Contractual limitations on technical data

The Services use different techniques including JavaScript technology. In addition, the User agrees to access the mobile application, website or any other media using recent, virus-free equipment.


The Services contain an automated data processing system. Any fraudulent access to the latter is prohibited and penalised, as is the fraudulent introduction, deletion or modification of data.

Accountable shall use its best efforts to secure the Services, the User bearing in mind the complexity of the Internet. In case of fraudulent access causing harm to one of its Users, Accountable will not be held responsible insofar as it has put in place security measures in line with the generally accepted standards in the market, proportionate to the level of criticality of the stored data.

Should a breach be detected in Your account, Accountable will as soon as possible upon the detection of the breach inform You thereof through email or any other appropriate electronic communication channel. Upon this event, Accountable will revoke your current Credentials. You will then have the possibility to, as soon as possible, create new Credentials through a secure procedure. Accountable will keep You informed of the progress and resolution of the breach.

Similarly, You agree to take all appropriate measures to protect Your own data and / or software from contamination by possible viruses on the Internet network.

You should avoid using computers and mobile phones that are accessible to the public, taking into account the risks inherent in this type of access and, in particular, the possibility of compromising the security of Your Credentials (“Key-loggers”).

You are solely responsible for the use and implementation of appropriate means of security, protection and safeguard of your equipment and data. We strongly recommended that You:

  • use cryptographic means to protect Your data against unauthorised access;
  • periodically back up Your data;
  • regularly update Your software and at all times maintain an up-to-date anti-virus.

Furthermore, You guarantee Accountable against any claim that could potentially be made against Accountable by third parties on the grounds that access to third party systems would not be authorised.

Intellectual property rights

Accountable owns the intellectual property rights or other rights in respect of all the elements available on the Accountable App, including all data, material and content published on it and/or the website, including text, images, graphics, logos, icons, sounds and software.

The content and advertisement of third parties on the Accountable App are protected by any and all type of intellectual property rights, including copyright and related rights.

You may not use the Accountable App, including Information or the Services in any way that is not expressly authorised hereunder or otherwise would infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Accountable.

You may not hide or remove any copyright information that appears on the Information printed through the Services.

We reserve the right to enforce our intellectual property rights against any infringement under applicable laws, including by interim measures, injunctions, penalties or damages.


Subject to compliance with these Terms & Conditions and, for the paid Services, to the payment of the relevant subscription fee(s), we grant You a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-sublicenseable, licence to download, display and use the Accountable App for your own individual use, on any device(s) that you own or control for the duration of Your contract with Accountable.

This licence is for personal and professional use (insofar as necessary for managing the User’s finances) in order to enable the User to use the Services, including documents related thereto. The licence is non-transferrable (meaning it cannot be given to anyone else). This licence ends in any case without notice when you no longer have the Accountable App installed on your device(s), irrespective of the price plan chosen. In case of subscription to paid services, Accountable may also suspend or revoke the licence in case of non-payment of the relevant subscription fee(s), given that the licence is ancillary to the provision of the paid services.

Management of personal data

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy available here. Our Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, the controls you have over your personal data and the procedures that we have in place to protect your privacy. It applies to personal data we collect through the Accountable App.

Please make sure that you read our Privacy Policy carefully before using the Accountable App and Services.

Liability and disclaimer of warranties

Scope of liability and exclusion of liability

The duties and responsibilities of Accountable under these Terms & Conditions shall be limited to those expressly set forth and undertaken therein.
Accountable is not liable for any loss (i.e. loss, liability, cost, claim, damages, fees, charges and expenses including all legal and other professional fees and disbursements), direct or indirect arising out of:

  • the malfunctioning of Your Device or of the telecommunication services or in general, of any third party software or hardware ;
  • any reason beyond Accountable’s control (including cases of Force Majeure). For the purposes of the Agreement, Force Majeure shall mean any unforeseen event which is beyond the reasonable control of Accountable or which may not be reasonably avoided and which prevents or delays performance, by Accountable or any person acting on its behalf, of any of its obligations under this Agreement, including natural disasters, outbreak or escalation of hostilities (whether or not war has been declared), hacking or internet attack that could not be prevented with reasonable security measures, or any other unlawful act against public order or authority, unpredictable acts of the authorities, strike or other labour dispute, government restraint, power or communications disruption, suspension of payments, insolvency, receivership, administration, bankruptcy or liquidation of any third party;
  • non-compliance by You with the security precautions and/or instructions set forth in these Terms & Conditions;
  • negligent, illegal, unethical, fraudulent or criminal acts or omissions of any third party;
  • hacking and/or the spread of computer viruses, bugs or any other malware, malfunctions or errors.

Without limiting the foregoing, under no circumstances shall Accountable or its subcontractors be liable for:

  • any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, including but not limited to, loss of or damage to clientele, loss of data, loss of earnings, loss of profits, disruption of business, claims from third parties, reputation or expected savings even if Accountable was advised or was otherwise aware or should have been aware of the possibility or likelihood of such losses and regardless of whether the cause of action is in contract or in tort (including negligence) or otherwise and regardless of whether any limited remedy provided hereunder is determined to fail in its essential purpose;
  • any direct loss other than caused exclusively by Accountable’s own gross negligence or wilful misconduct, save in the case of death of physical injury.

To the extent permitted by law and notwithstanding any provision contained in the Terms & Conditions to the contrary, the aggregate liability of Accountable under the Terms & Conditions for any and all losses suffered or incurred by You shall not exceed € 5,000.

This Chapter applies regardless of the legal grounds or nature of the claim.

Tax Declaration Guarantee 

Provided that you meet the terms and conditions set out hereafter, as well as our local (national) requirements as described at this link, you may qualify for the Tax Declaration Guarantee: if you are a registered user of Accountable PRO and you pay a penalty or interest charge to the tax authorities solely because of a calculation error on a tax declaration using the Services, then Accountable will reimburse you in the amount of the penalty and/or interest paid by you to the tax authorities. You acknowledge that you have read and agreed with our local (national) requirements.   

Disclaimer of warranties

While Accountable will use reasonable efforts to ensure that all information and documentation provided in the App is correct, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement, neither Accountable nor its subcontractors assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of any information.

The Accountable App and any of its components are provided on an “as available,” “as is” basis. All warranties express or implied, are hereby disclaimed, including any warranty of merchantability, title/non-infringement, quality of information, or fitness for a particular purpose. No information obtained by You from Accountable or its subcontractors shall create any warranty not expressly stated herein. Without limitation and to the extent legally possible, Accountable and its subcontractors disclaim all warranties regarding the availability of the App or related software except as expressly stated in the Terms and Conditions or regarding the fact that they will operate error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the software is free of viruses or other harmful components.

For example, Accountable does not guarantee that:

  • the Service will bring You complete satisfaction and are adapted to Your specific needs;
  • the Service will work without bug or error or will be available at all times;
  • any defects will be corrected.

Furthermore, Accountable cannot be held liable for the content You upload, scan or input Yourself through the Accountable App (such as but not limited to receipts, expenses or any other document added).

While all necessary steps will be taken as quickly as possible to ensure the continuity of the Service, we are not responsible for any suspension, interruption, temporary unavailability or failure of the Services, regardless of cause. We will make every reasonable effort to restore the Services.

Duration and termination rights

The Agreement is entered into for an unlimited term.

You may close Your account, and more generally terminate the use of the Services at any time, with immediate effect. Unless otherwise required by law, no subscription will be refunded for this reason, and You will remain liable for the amounts due for the paid Services provided.

Accountable may at any time terminate this Agreement or any of the services relating to the Accountable App without compensation with one-month prior notice to You.
Without prejudice to its other rights available by law or under the Agreement, Accountable may at its own discretion either terminate this Agreement with immediate effect or suspend the execution of this Agreement, deny or restrict Your access to the Accountable App and/or the account at any time if You breach this Agreement (including any use of the Accountable App in any way that is contrary to those Terms & Conditions).

Accountable may also suspend the execution of this Agreement, deny or restrict access to the Accountable App and/or the account at any time:

  • in case of a reasonable suspicion of fraud or of a risk of improper or fraudulent use of the Accountable App
  • if Accountable becomes aware of other facts that jeopardise the relationship of trust between You and Accountable or that harm or threaten to harm the Accountable’s reputation
  • in the event of technical issues or
  • for any other objective security reason.

Upon termination of the use of the Accountable App, these Terms & Conditions, including all rights and licences granted hereunder, shall be terminated except for all clauses that by nature survive termination of the Agreement (including, but not limited to, the provisions relating to intellectual property rights and the licence, liability of Accountable, etc).

If You wish to establish a link

If you wish to insert a link to the Accountable Website, please read and respect the following information and all applicable laws.

Any use of the Accountable trademark or logo is subject to Accountable’s prior consent. In any case, no distortion, change of size or appearance of the logo shall be permitted.

Similarly, partners cannot under any circumstances suggest that the Accountable site endorses their products or services.

Partners may not misrepresent the Accountable Website or provide false information on the site.

We do not authorise any site or service that does not respect the intellectual property or other rights of another person or that otherwise fails to comply with applicable laws and regulations to establish a link with Accountable.

We do not allow any site or service that contains items that may be interpreted as being offensive or offensive to establish a link with Accountable. We expressly reserve the right to require that a link that does not comply with these terms and conditions be withdrawn and reserves the right to take any other action, including legal action, if deemed necessary.

General provisions, applicable law and competent court

Accountable reserves the right to modify at any time the content and/or features of any of the Services, and these Terms & Conditions. This means that Accountable may add new product features or enhancements from time to time as well as remove or modify certain features.

You should regularly check for the most recent version of these Terms & Conditions. If the modifications include material changes to your rights or obligations, Accountable will endeavor to notify the changes to the Terms & Conditions to You in advance. If the changes materially impact paying features of our Service, Accountable endeavors to notify your thereof at least two months before they become applicable. Exceptionally, such modifications will be notified within a shorter term, if Accountable would deem a shorter term necessary. If You do not agree with the intended modification, You may close Your account and terminate the use of Services free of charge at any time. You will be deemed to have accepted the changes if You have not notified Accountable of the contrary before the date of applicability of the changes.

These Terms & Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.

If any of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions were to be deemed invalid, null, void or unenforceable, this would not cause the nullity or have any effect on the other provisions in these Terms & Conditions.