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Receive Payments

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Manage receivables

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Is invoicing on Accountable free? Why?

Yes, you can create your invoices in the Accountable app for free.
Why? Simply because we believe you should not pay to get paid.
The paid plans of Accountable offer additional features to help you manage your taxes and
do more for your business, such as the possibility to create invoices in the Web version.

How do you directly compute the impact of my invoices on my future taxes?

Our software recognizes on your invoices the information necessary for tax calculation, e.g. price, VAT, and client information. It is calculated right away in your taxes screen.
Our app is here to help you grow as a self-employed: we want not only to help you send out invoices but also to know what net you will retain from that invoice and what taxes you will have to pay.
Never fear a bad surprise again!

Can I create invoices on my desktop and my mobile?

Yes, you can do both. All features are available both on web and mobile.
Now you can invoice your clients the way you want.
You save time, you send your invoices faster.
You get paid faster.

How can I customize invoices on Accountable?

Easily. You can add your logo to the invoice, choose the template you prefer and then customize the template with the color of your choosing.

Are credit notes supported on Accountable?

Yes, credit notes are supported in Accountable.
For every (sent) invoice you want to modify, the app will ask you if you want to create a credit note to cancel or modify the existing invoice. It is a legal requirement.
You can also create credit notes from scratch.

Can I import past invoices?

Yes, you can import invoices without any time limit in the past.
You can import from a variety of sources: any folder from your computer, cloud services such as Dropbox or Drive, a scan from your phone or even an email you forwarded to [email protected]
Contact us if you need any support importing past invoices

Can I send invoices abroad?

Yes, invoices created in Accountable are standard and can be shared, reshared, and printed
(even if we don't recommend it, planet first).
In Accountable, you can also create invoices in English, Dutch & French.

What if I don't create invoices in Accountable, can I still use your solution?

Yes, of course: you can import invoices made in any software in Accountable.
The app will take into account all the relevant data and use it to compute your taxes and help you track their payments.