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Save time, save on your taxes.
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scan your receipts

Scan your receipts,
we take care of the

State of the art character recognition
Automatic tax categorization of your expenses
You receive a tax tip for every new expense
never forget an expense
Bank link

Never forget an

Payments automatically reconciled to expenses
Be notified when a payment is missing a receipt
Connect up to 5 bank accounts
pay your invoices

Pay your invoices
in 2 clicks

Import your invoices in the Web app
Scan the QR code with your bank app
Your invoice is paid at due date

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Is Accountable free?

Yes, you can use Accountable free of charge: you can scan your receipts, create invoices and connect your bank account. Tax tips & other advanced features are available on our paid plans (see here).

How do I easily add a lot of documents in Accountable?

You can use our Web interface to import folders with hundreds of documents.
You can import as many documents as you want. You can go back in time, to import all the history you need. The app will simply process these documents sequentially to extract the relevant data and compute your taxes in real-time.
Naturally, you can also scan them with the mobile app.
Contact us if you want our support team to import your history.

How does Accountable reconcile documents and payments from my bank account?

Once you connect your bank account, for each new payment you make we will search among existing expenses for a possible match. We will look at a variety of features such as amounts, dates & supplier names.
Also, every time you import a new expense, we will look for existing bank transactions that might match the expense. We'll notify you if it is the case, so that, at the end of the period, you have the peace of mind of knowing your bank transactions are backed by a document.

What happens if the app does not recognize the document?

It can happen, machines learn but also fail. In reality, it will happen 10-15% of the time. We hate to brag but we effectively have the best recognition rate in Belgium for such documents.
When it happens, no worries, you can simply add or correct any field you think is incorrect. The system will learn from your correction for the next import.

How do I know what I can deduct?

You might not know whether this expense you made qualifies as a business expense. Don't worry, we got you covered:
  • As you add the expense, you will select the category of the expense from a list of approved categories that have their own deductibility rules. If you don't find the category of the expense, it is likely it is not deductible.
  • In case of doubt, you can search for your expense on allyoucandeduct.accountable.eu, our Google for professional expenses. We created this online tool to help every self-employed professional know whether an expense is deductible.
  • Finally, our team and partner accountants are ready to answer your most complex questions on expenses. You can contact us using the chat in the app.

Can a certified accountant review my expenses in Accountable?

Yes, you can ask one of our partner accountants to review all your receipts and invoices for a specific quarter or tax year.
Those services are managed independently by the partner accountant and we don't take any commission on them: our only objective is to help you get the things you need as a self-employed
Book your accounting review here.