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If you do not deduct your actual expenses,
you pay 0€ euros in taxes on your revenue
Optimize your taxes
Taxes on turnover

Your expenses as a complementary self-employed

The tax authority grants you a minimum lump-sump that you can deduct from your revenue. However, to optimise your taxes to the maximum, it is often more interesting to deduct your actual costs instead.

Choose the expenses that apply to your situation below and see how those help you save money on your taxes.


Deducting the costs linked to your workspace, including at home is one of the best practices we can suggest. Indeed, your electricity and water bills might be partly deductible.

Did you engage costs to work from home?
Do you need specific furnitures for your workspace?
Do you rent a place to pursue your activity?
Technology & Tools

Think of all the software & tools you need partly or exclusively for your activity: these are fully or partially deductible.

Do you need a laptop for your activity?
Do you need a phone for your complementary activity?
Do you need specific softwares or licenses?
Do you need a good camera?
Do you need tools or equipments specific to your activity, others than the ones in the list?

Do not forget to take into account the costs you incur when visiting your clients, prospects, or suppliers.

Do you use a car in the context of your complementary business?
Do you rather bike to grow your business?

You should deduct these expenses you make to grow your visibility and perspectives.

How often do you threat your clients and prospects to a business lunch?
Do you plan to send a present to your best clients and suppliers this year?
Did you print business cards?
Did you get a proper website advertising your services?
Do you plan to sponsor a sports team or a charity event?
Training & Documentation

You invest in your business, you deduct these costs.

Did you undertake a training in your field?
Where do you get your job-specific information from?
Disclaimer : this calculation is naturally based on a series of assumptions.
You can refine the result by updating the parameters below.
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