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Independent? Put these dates in your diary for 2024!

Written by Isabel Senden, Customer Success & Growth Strategist
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The life of an independent professional tends to be very hectic and it’s not always easy to be up-to-date with all the tax deadlines imposed by the Federal Public Service of Finances. That’s why we list them for you below. Put them in your diary or simply save this page as a bookmark to never miss a deadline. 

Social contributions: an obligation you cannot escape

Social contributions are a cost no full-time self-employed professionals can escape. They can often be quite high, especially if you forget to pay for them and receive a fine! Make sure you pay them on time by transferring the amount to your social security fund before the deadlines below.

Not sure how much social contributions you should pay? Accountable will give you the answer in real-time! You can also check out our blog post about the subject.

  • 31-03: contributions for the 1st quarter
  • 30-06: contributions for the 2nd quarter
  • 30-09: contributions for the 3rd quarter
  • 31-12: contributions for the 4th quarter

In reality, these dates may differ depending on your social security fund. So always check the due date carefully!

Advance payments: an interesting fiscal lever

Paying your taxes in advance? We admit it may not sound very attractive, but it might be worth it. The tax authorities reward new natural person enterprises who pay their taxes in advance in their first 3 years of being self-employed. This way they try to encourage it as much as possible. After three years, you won’t receive a bonus for doing your advance payments anymore and you even risk a fine if you don’t pay them on time.

As it is difficult to estimate the amount of taxes you pay when you’ve just started and do no risk anything by not doing it, our partner accountant recommends not to do the advance payment in the first year of being a natural person enterprise. Self-employed professionals in companies (BV/SRL), however, are obliged to pay from year one. Learn more about this subject by reading our extensive blog post about it and write the deadlines below in your calendar.

  • 10-04-2024: advance payment for the 1st quarter
  • 10-07-2024: advance payment for the 2nd quarter
  • 10-10-2024: advance payment for the 3rd quarter
  • 20-12-2024: advance payment for the 4th quarter

VAT-submission: these dates are crucial if you’re subject to VAT

If you are subject to VAT, you receive VAT on your goods and services for each sales invoice. Every quarter, you need to return this VAT to the state. That means you kind of act as an intermediary between the state and the consumer. The good news is that you can make the amount of VAT you have to pay back to the state smaller, by deducting the VAT you pay on professional costs from this amount.

The handling of your VAT goes in two steps: the submission of your VAT-return and the payment of the amount you’re due. Wondering what that exact amount should be or how to submit your VAT return? Accountable tells you the exact amount in realtime and generates your VAT-returns for you automatically.

  • 22-04-2024 payment and submission for the 1st quarter
  • 22-07-2024: payment for the 2nd quarter
  • 09-08-2024: submission for the 2nd quarter*
  • 21-10-2024: payment and submission for the 3rd quarter
  • 20-12-2024 prepayment for the 4th quarter
  • 20-01-2025: payment reminder and submission for the 4th quarter

* In the summer, the deadline imposed by the Federal Public Service of Finances falls a bit later than usual

Intra-EU sales listing: important if you have clients outside of Belgium

The intra-EU sales listing is a list of all sales of goods or services your enterprise did to clients outside of Belgium, but inside the EU. You will only need to submit this if you’re subject to VAT and you’ve sold to at least one intra-EU client. The deadlines for the submission are exactly the same as the VAT submission deadlines:

  • 22-04-2024: submission of the intra-EU sales listing for the 1st quarter
  • 09-08-2024: submission of the intra-EU sales listing for the 2nd quarter
  • 21-10-2024: submission of the intra-EU sales listing for the 3rd quarter
  • 20-01-2025: submission of the intra-EU sales listing for the 4th quarter

Client listing: only one important deadline to keep in mind

The client listing is a list of the Belgian VAT numbers belonging to the clients to whom your enterprise has supplied goods or services during the previous calendar year for a total amount that’s higher than €250 (excl. VAT). Submitting your client listing is mandatory for every self-employed professional who’s subject to VAT. You’re not subject to VAT? Find out here if you need to submit your client listing.

  • 31-03-2024: submission of client listing of 2023
  • 31-03-2025: submission of client listing of 2024

We hope that this blog post will help you to remember every important deadline for the upcoming year. Want to be even more sure? Download Accountable and receive reminders for all of these deadlines!

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Isabel Senden, Customer Success & Growth Strategist
Isabel Senden, Customer Success & Growth Strategist

With a background in linguistics, literature and communication, it's needless to say that Isabel has a passion for language. While working at Accountable she is able to use her love for language while at the same time creating a new passion for marketing and customer care.

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