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Instructions for paying & declaring copyright revenue

Written by Hassan Ayed, Certified Accountant & Mindful Tax Adviser
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Your supplier has sent you an invoice that includes copyright fees: you will find all the information you need to correctly process this invoice.

This invoice includes:

  1. The remuneration, to be paid to your supplier
    4000 euros in the example
  2. The copyright fees, to be paid to your supplier
    1200 euros in the example
  3. The withholding tax, to be paid to the authorities
    90 euros in the example

This withholding tax is deducted at the source.

⏰ As a customer, you must therefore declare and pay it within 15 days of paying the invoice to the supplier.

You declare it here, on Myminfin, via the form 273S (in Dutch here, in French here).

As soon as you have declared this withholding tax, you will find the payment instructions again on Myminfin (information available only in NL and FR).

Your supplier will then see this information automatically appear in TaxOnWeb.

On your side, you fulfilled all of your obligations!


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Hassan Ayed, Certified Accountant & Mindful Tax Adviser
Hassan Ayed, Certified Accountant & Mindful Tax Adviser

Hassan is Chartered Accountant. Ex-PWC, he built his own multi-million fiduciary from the ground up.
When Hassan is not running numbers, doing tax optimizations or digitizing accounting processes, he loves to run around and play with his 2 kids

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