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Here you can read everything about starting and running a company. Learn how to choose the right company form, what your taxes look like and how to deal with tax and legal obligations.

E-invoicing for the self-employed explained

As a business, you may invoice in any way you prefer, as long as the...

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28th March 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

How to change the address of your business?

Are you planning to move or relocate the registered office of your business to a...

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19th February 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

Which business structure should you choose when becoming self-employed in Belgium?

You’ve developed a service or have a product in mind and want to start your...

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24th October 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Self-employed in a company? Optimise your salary with meal vouchers!

Meal vouchers are hugely popular in Belgium. About half of Belgian workers enjoy this extra-legal...

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8th September 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Dividends: how to distribute profits when you’re self-employed in a company in Belgium

Is it possible to optimise your salary by paying yourself dividends when you’re self-employed in...

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- Read in 4 minutes

Submitting your VAT return via Intervat as an independent in Belgium

As an independent in Belgium, you have to submit your VAT return periodically. This declaration...

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21st July 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

From sole trader to company: when and how?

When you first become self-employed and don’t have any employees, you often start out as...

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20th April 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Opening a free professional bank account: for whom and how?

It’s a common question among people that are considering becoming self-employed: is it mandatory to...

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13th April 2021 - Read in 3 minutes