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Accountable & Ring Twice partner to help more talented neighbours become successful independents

Written by Sibylle Greindl
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Ring Twice suppliers can now rely on Accountable to manage their finances as self-employed.

The “talented neighbours” offering their services through Ring Twice will know how much they earn as self-employed, how much taxes they are going to pay, and manage their invoices & receipts in 2 clicks. They can either share with their accountant or submit all their taxes by themselves, as tax returns are generated in the app.

To that purpose, Accountable offers 3 months of their best plan to service suppliers registered on Ring Twice. Ring twice members can register through this link in French or this one in Dutch

The challenge

The number of workers who choose to provide their services to their community through Ring Twice is growing sharply. More and more of these workers opt for the self-employed status, as they see demand for their services growing.

In truth, running your own business means managing a lot of moving parts: alongside the freedom and flexibility, self-employed life is often stressful. Particularly when it comes to finances. Especially when it’s only you and every minute counts.

This is a challenge experienced by every independent, especially as they start.

The solution

Accountable connects all the pieces of the puzzle, from getting paid, to paying tax.

In the app, independents can create invoices, manage credit notes and capture other sources of revenue. Thanks to this partnership, invoices generated in Ring Twice will automatically be imported into Accountable.

Expenses are easy, payments are painless and balance sheets are a breeze. And when it comes to tackling taxes, it’s taken care of: the app generates all their returns before they even bat an eyelid. With tips and tricks to help them save money, and stay compliant.

Thanks to this partnership, all Ring Twice members will benefit from 3 months of Accountable PRO (the best plan of Accountable) for free.


About Accountable

Accountable gives independents the power to keep their finances under control, without having to think about them. The Belgian fintech has therefore developed a web and mobile app from which the self-employed can manage their taxes and all the obligations that lead to them, from creating invoices to managing receipts. With Accountable, independents know at any time what they earn in net.

Alexis Eggermont and Nicolas Quarré, 2 alumni of RIAKTR, founded Accountable in partnership with Hassan Ayed, their accountant, in 2019. The startup raises €2 million at startup from Connect Ventures, a London-based VC and Belgian business angels. Accountable expands in 2020 to Germany and, in 2021, closes a six million Series A from Stride VC, several German business angels and, again, Connect Ventures.

About Ring Twice

Ring Twice (ex-ListMinut) is a Belgian sharing economy platform that aims to bring people together, one service at a time. Convinced that everyone has something to learn from each other and that talent is meant for sharing, Ring Twice connects service seekers with passionate and talented service providers who want to help their neighbours. More than 36,000 service providers are active on the platform in Belgium. They offer their services in a multitude of categories such as petsitting, odd jobs, household help, transport…


All your taxes. Done.

Just add your invoices. Accountable generates all of your tax returns without mistakes..
Sibylle Greindl
Sibylle Greindl

Sibylle is fond of words and stories. She used to be one of the testers of Accountable, back in the old days. She found the app pretty convincing and decided to join its team.
She now makes sure as many self-employed professionals as possible can access the experience she had, when starting on Accountable!

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