Learn how to take control of your own accounting and taxes with Accountable’s help. Add your invoices and expenses and Accountable will prepare your taxes flawlessly.

Can you use your (personal) credit card for professional expenses?

If you’re a sole proprietor in Belgium and occasionally use your credit card for business...

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18th September 2023 - Read in 2 minutes

All tax declarations made with Accountable are now guaranteed ⭐️

If you get a fine from the Tax Office, we will pay for it. It...

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11th January 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Accountable & Ring Twice partner to help more talented neighbours become successful independents

Ring Twice suppliers can now rely on Accountable to manage their finances as self-employed. The...

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16th March 2022 - Read in 2 minutes

Accountable raises €5,7 million to serve the European self-employed

🎙 “Belgian startup raises €5.7 million from two UK investors. That’s a nice Series A,...

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14th September 2021 - Read in 2 minutes

Press Release: ING to offer Accountable to its starters

Accountable and ING join forces to offer to new self-employed professionals their bank & accounting...

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2nd April 2021 - Read in 2 minutes

Why we launch a web version now

We launched Accountable because we felt that a modern, intuitive solution to help the self-employed...

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7th July 2020 - Read in 2 minutes

Accountable launches in Germany

It is now official: this week, Accountable launches in Germany. We have always envisioned Accountable...

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30th April 2020 - Read in 2 minutes