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Here you will discover all about professional professional expenses. From which expenses you are allowed to incur as a self-employed person to which expenses you can deduct, resulting in a higher net income.

Can you use your (personal) credit card for professional expenses?

If you’re a sole proprietor in Belgium and occasionally use your credit card for business...

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18th September 2023 - Read in 2 minutes

Self-employed in a company? Optimise your salary with meal vouchers!

Meal vouchers are hugely popular in Belgium. About half of Belgian workers enjoy this extra-legal...

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8th September 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Does buying an electric bike make sense when you’re self-employed?

As a freelancer in Belgium, you’re always looking for ways to optimise your expenses. So,...

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1st September 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Amortising costs: when and how to do it?

As a business owner, when you deduct your business expenses from your turnover, you have...

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16th August 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

How to deduct your second-hand car

2020 ushered in some changes to the deductibility of car-related expenses, including that of used...

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20th June 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

7 expenses you can deduct if you work from home

Setting up your own home office is not only practical, it’s also interesting from a...

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12th May 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

How to deduct (part of) your housing costs

Are you self-employed, in a main or secondary occupation? You probably didn’t wait for 2020...

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13th January 2021 - Read in 2 minutes

What is amortization?

A self-employed professional has to invest in order to start and grow their business. These...

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24th November 2020 - Read in 4 minutes

How to deduct your second-hand car?

In 2020, the cars’ taxation underwent a couple of changes. We shed full light on...

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6th August 2020 - Read in 3 minutes
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