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Focus on advising,
not encoding

Spend no time encoding
Review your clients’ records swiftly
Get their VAT returns generated in one click

Free No strings attached

Treat your self-employed clients with even more of your advice

You got better things to do than spending time or money on yet another software. That is why our platform is free and easy to use.
You can dedicate all of your attention to advising your self-employed clients.

Hassan Ayed
Hassan Aayed
Chartered accountant - A.Fiducia

With this interface, we no longer endlessly encode a lot of documents. We focus on our core mission: advising the self-employed.

Kevin Verbesselt
Kevin Verbesselt
Tax advisor - Digicount

I am very enthusiastic about your platform, which allows me to review & validate my clients' invoices really fast. I am looking forward to using your platform for my clients in SME's as well!

Consultant & Accountable user

I use Accountable to share data with my accountant and get real-time visibility on my taxes. She focused on giving me advice, it's the dream.

No time spent on paperwork

You won’t think of encoding again

All of the documents you need from your self-employed clients are available to you, at any time, already categorized.

The accounting categorizations & VAT calculations are automatic
CODA-exports are available for free
Integration with Winbooks & UBL (soon)
your validation

Review your clients’accounting

Our platform does one thing right: it makes the review and validation of accounting records smooth.

The platform saves your changes for the next time
Once you validated a document, your client can no longer modify it
You can edit or validate documents in batches
VAT returns

Get VAT returns in just one click

After you reviewed the accounting records, the XML-file of the return is available to you, right away.

Export VAT returns in XML format
Quick check of cells that underwent a change
Access to past VAT returns

We are a Belgian solution, made for the Belgian self-employed

Our platform is a plain and simple one.
It does what it says, nothing else. You take care of the rest

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Why is your platform free for accountants?

Our clients are self-employed, not accountants. The self-employed can choose if they wish one of the paid versions of our app, or stay with the free one. This is where our business model lies.

To make sure our clients receive the advice they deserve, we know that we need to make their accountant's lives easier. Therefore, accountants can access their clients' data, organized according to accounting categories, through our accounting interface.

With this platform free for accountants, we add value for both our clients and their accountant.

Could I also use your platform for clients that are in a one-person-company?

Of course, you can! You can access their data as long as they authorize you to do so. You also have access to CODA exports, PDF, and XML files for them. You can contact our support regarding the integration with Winbooks. Integration with UBL is coming soon.

Could I use your platform for my clients that are not Accountable users?

The platform is designed for the accountants of Accountable users. If you would like to use our platform for other of your clients, you can simply invite them to join you on the app. They will receive an email inviting them to create an account that will directly be linked to your account.
Your use of the accounting platform is, and remains, free of charge.

How do you handle amortization?

The depreciation for a given expense will also be taken into account in the app experience. Any expense relevant for amortization that you see on the platform shall be split as such.

How are my clients' data protected on your platform?

Your clients need to authorize you to access their data via our platform. This access is personal.

Accountable does not share or sell its users' data to third parties.

All of our users' data is stored on a secure server controlled by Accountable. Data transfers between the app and the server are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol (also found, for example, in online banking).

Would some of your users need an accountant?

Yes, our users include people who wish to use the app and, at the same time, benefit from the services of an accountant, occasionally or continuously.

We would be happy to help them, with you if you wish. Contact us to find out more here.