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Business loans.
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1st estimate in 10m, full analysis under 48h hours.
Transparent rates.
Tailored to the self-employed.

Test your eligibility in 30 seconds thanks to mozzeno & Accountable

Bedrag dat ik wil ontvangen 7,000

5,000 € 50,000 €

over a period of 12 months

6 months 48 months
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mozzeno & Accountable unite to
help self-employed professionals
grow their businesses
Alles wat je nodig hebt

Als je professionele noden gedekt

Investeringen: machine, voertuig, vastgoed
Financing of current expenses & working capital
Voorschot op werkkapitaal
Voor iedereen

Transparante voorwaarden

For everyone, incl. part time & limited companies
Minimaal 3 jaar actief als onderneming
Geen voorwaarden voor omzet, enkel voor mogelijkheid tot terugbetaling
Afgestemd op zelfstandigen

Bedrijfsleningen gesimplificeerd

Risico’s en voorwaarden duidelijk aangegeven
Wij helpen je met alle belastingimplicaties
Persoonlijke service voor al je vragen

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Hoe helpt Accountable mij bij het verkrijgen van een bedrijfslening als zelfstandige?

- With Accountable, you are in complete control of your finances: you know exactly what you earn net, what you should provision for taxes, and, last but not least, what you can afford to spend.

- Should you need more money to grow your business than what you have available, we help you get a business loan. In this aim, we identify partners that can reliably lend you money.

- One of them is mozzeno, as you can see. You can already see online what you can expect to borrow and we make sure our users' questions to mozzeno's team are fast- tracked.

- Last but not least, our Customer Success team is available to answer your questions regarding loans.

Waarom werken jullie samen met mozzeno om leningen aan te bieden?

We are reviewing the offers available on the market and we already identified one, by mozzeno. We like their collaborative approach and the fact that they give fast answers. Why would you have to wait to grow your business?

Wat zijn de kosten?

Accountable does not charge anything related to business loans. We do not charge either for answering your questions, be they relative to your credit as a self-employed or the deductibility of financial charges.

Accountable and mozzeno are two distinct entities. Accountable is not liable for mozzeno performance, nor this cost structure.

Wat is een bedrijfskrediet?

A business loan is a loan that you make for your professional activity, as a self-employed.

Such loans can cover a variety of use-cases: support an investment (e.g. purchase of a machine, a vehicle, a building), or more generally improve your working capital (e.g. to face short-term working capital, late payments, etc.)

Loans to cover your personal consumption are not business loans and obey to a different regulation.

Wat zijn mijn mogelijkheden als ik zelfstandige in bijberoep ben?

There are no differences between complementary & full-time self-employed professionals when it comes to business loans.

As a complementary self-employed, you have the same rights to invest in your business as if you were full-time.

Wie komt in aanmerking?

Elke zelfstandige komt in aanmerking, zowel in hoofdberoep als in bijberoep en zowel eenmanszaken als vennootschappen (bv). De enige voorwaarde is dat je ten minste 3 jaar zelfstandige moet zijn.

Het maakt ook niet uit hoeveel omzet je hebt. Je moet enkel in staat kunnen zijn om de lening terug te betalen.

Hoe wordt deze lening belast?

Business loans are not taxed: the money you get from the lender is not taxed. This is not revenue.

That said, interests from the loan are fully deductible if the loan is 100% applicable to your business, whatever the use of the funds (i.e. working capital, investment, etc.).

In other words, interest from your business loan will help decrease your taxable income, hence your taxes.

Contact us (mailto:[email protected]) for more info.

Bieden jullie ondersteuning aan als ik vragen heb over mijn lening?

Yes, of course!

Our team not only knows what to answer to your questions as a self-employed. They also know what you should know and will tell you exactly that! Last but not least, we don't speak jargon.

We are looking forward to answering your questions regarding access to credit.

Deelt Accountable mijn persoonlijke gegevens met mozzeno?

No, we do not share any personal data with any third party.

Your data is yours, and only yours. This is a core principle of Accountable and a value we stand for.