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We focus on one target only: Accountable is built for self-employed professionals, not SMEs or corporate.

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Why is your platform free for accountants?

Our clients are self-employed, not accountants. Self-employed can either go for the FREE or PRO version of our app. This is where our business model lies.

To make sure our clients receive the advice they deserve, we know that we need to make their accountant's lives easier. Therefore, accountants can access their clients' data, organized according to accounting categories, through our accounting interface.

With this platform free for accountants, we add value for both our clients and their accountant.

How does Accountable 4 Accountants differs from Yuki or Winbooks Connect?

First and foremost, Accountable comes for free...

Then, we solely focus on self-employed professionals (i.e. we don't cover SME's or corporates): the accountant interface nicely complements the use of the app. It is straightforward and easy to use and allows you to create maximal added value for your clients, with zero encodings nor waste of time.

Could Accountable bring me new clients?

Yes! You can join our partnership program: Accountable Human.

With Human, we bring clients to our partners: partner accountants review and validate every quarter the invoices, expenses, bank transactions of their Human clients, neatly organized beforehand in our interface. Every quarter, accountants hold a quarterly phone meeting with each of their clients. In this discussion, accountants give the strategic advice their clients need, given their personal situations.

As a partner accountant, you save time on finding and retaining clients, as well as on encoding. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you want any more information about Human.

Can I use the accounting interface with my clients that have limited companies (e.g. BV, SP, BVBA, SPRL) ?

Our interface is built for natural persons only. Is there a specific improvement you would like to see? Do not hesitate to let us know in the chat.

What happens if I want to leave the partner program?

There is no problem: you are free to do so anytime you want. If you stop using the platform, your client can decide to keep using Accountable and share his documents through data exports, or simply move on to another solution.

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