Accountable garantie

All tax declarations made with Accountable are now guaranteed ⭐️

If you get a fine from the Tax Office, we will pay for it.

It is our way to offer complete peace of mind to everyone using Accountable to submit their taxes.

It is our commitment to you.

With over 20,000 tax declarations generated from Accountable in 2022, we have effectively become the #1 source of tax returns for the self-employed in Belgium and are on our way to realise the same in Germany.

This unique position in the market is now enabling us to realise a founder’s dream: guarantee all tax returns generated from the app.

Today, there is no other software that systematically covers fines from Tax Authorities.
There are no accountants who take on fines incurred in case of irregularities.

We take this commitment, for you, our users.
To offer you the peace of mind that you deserve.

We can do it because we are the best positioned to do it:

This guarantee answers the most important problem you have shared with us.
It is also the reason why we exist: offering you complete peace of mind.


👍 Who gets the guarantee?
All tax declarations are by default guaranteed if they are initiated by:


✅ What does the guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers any error or omission in the tax declaration that result in fines being imposed by the Belgian Tax Authorities, up to 5,000€ per declaration, excl. fraud and non-submission of taxes.

If the user made a mistake (e.g. encoding a document, adding a forbidden expense), we rely on Tax Authorities to say if the guarantee applies:


🚫 Which cases are not covered by the guarantee?
The guarantee does not cover:

The guarantee neither applies in the following cases:


⭐️ And now, what happens?

You can focus on what really matters: build your business, live your passion.
We stand here, as always, if you have any questions or would like our help.

In the meantime, all the best and nothing of the rest for 2023.
You are the boss.

On behalf of the entire Accountable team


Nicolas Quarré, Co-founder & CEO
Updated on

Nicolas knows first-hand the pain of the self-employed, facing heavy financial & admin obligations. He is here to solve that.
Before launching Accountable, Nicolas gathered extensive experience as a digital entrepreneur, including in Brazil. If he could pick a magic power, that would be ubiquity: he would run Accountable at maximal speed while enjoying family time.

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