Secondary occupation

Accountable helps you on your way to making your dreams come true. Find out how to get started as a self-employed in a secondary occupation. Learn all about your taxes, VAT and social contributions.

Becoming self-employed: how to create a successful Shopify webshop

Imagine: your own webshop or e-commerce, where you have the freedom to be your own...

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21st May 2024 - Read in 5 minutes

Self-employment as a main or secondary occupation: which is the better option?

The allure of self-employment beckons, but is it better to start as a main occupation...

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19th April 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

How to start as a self-employed individual in a secondary occupation

Are you considering becoming a self-employed individual in Belgium? Starting a side business is an...

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23rd February 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

10 pros and cons of becoming self-employed in a secondary occupation

Dilemmas, dilemmas. Should you follow your dreams and become self-employed in a secondary occupation? Or,...

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22nd February 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

Social insurance funds: what are they, and which one to choose?

Are you considering becoming self-employed? Congratulations! Now you know exactly what activity you’ll be doing,...

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19th January 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

Are cryptocurrencies taxed in Belgium?

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Terms like Bitcoin or Ethereum are not as exotic as...

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21st December 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

How is your Airbnb income taxed in Belgium?

More and more people in Belgium are renting out accommodation on Airbnb. It’s definitely not...

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16th August 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Self-employed in a secondary occupation: 5 tips for your taxes

You probably decided to become self-employed in a secondary occupation because you wanted to earn...

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21st June 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

The insurances you need as a complementary self-employed

“The complementary self-employed have the same obligations as the full-time self-employed but do not have...

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12th August 2020 - Read in 2 minutes
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