Complementary self-employed and in economic unemployment: what are your possibilities?

More than one complementary self-employed person today is faced with this question: “If my employer puts me on economic unemployment under Covid-19, am I allowed to carry out my activity while receiving these economic unemployment benefits?”

Hardly, unless you strictly respect a series of conditions that Jean-Pierre Riquet, from the Académie Fiscale, sets out clearly in a document published by the Académie Fiscale, available in full here. You will also find there precise documentation on the replacement income (droit-passerelle, overbruggingsrecht).

We zoom here on one aspect: complementary self-employment when one is economically unemployed.

Are you allowed to work as a complementary self-employed person while receiving economic unemployment benefits?

In principle, the answer is no, unless you declare your activity to the unemployment office beforehand and you meet these six very specific conditions.







This clarification is provided by Jean-Pierre Riquet of the Académie Fiscale.

On the site of the latter, you will find a precise and qualitative follow-up of the various tax issues related to Covid-19, among others regarding the replacement income also known as droit-passerelle or overbruggingsrecht.


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