Full-time self-employed

These blogs will teach you how to become successful as a full-time self-employed or self-employed in main occupation. Find out how to start your own business, find clients and deal with challenges and obstacles.

How many self-employed individuals are there in Belgium and where do they live?

Belgium is a country with many self-employed individuals. In 2022, there were as many as...

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5th July 2024 - Read in 7 minutes

Primostarter: benefit from reduced social security contributions

Have you just become self-employed as your main activity? Under certain conditions, you’re allowed to...

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21st May 2024 - Read in 5 minutes

Self-employment as a main or secondary occupation: which is the better option?

The allure of self-employment beckons, but is it better to start as a main occupation...

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19th April 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

The annual client listing for self-employed individuals in Belgium

The annual client listing, or VAT listing, is a list of all Belgian companies to...

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23rd February 2024 - Read in 2 minutes

How to change the address of your business?

Are you planning to move or relocate the registered office of your business to a...

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19th February 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

Social insurance funds: what are they, and which one to choose?

Are you considering becoming self-employed? Congratulations! Now you know exactly what activity you’ll be doing,...

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19th January 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

Do self-employed parents get paid leave? Discover your rights!

When you’re an entrepreneur, your social contributions usually yield fewer benefits than if you were...

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21st December 2023 - Read in 4 minutes

Calculating your gross and net income when you’re self-employed in Belgium

The choice between remaining an employee or becoming self-employed often depends on how much net...

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22nd November 2023 - Read in 6 minutes

Guaranteed income insurance when you’re self-employed: a must?

When you’re self-employed, the last thing you want to be dealing with is illness or...

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