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May 13 2019

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I register via Accountable?

Registering as a self-employed via Accountable is very fast and intuitive: you download the app, answer a couple of questions and get a call from our partner Xerius to validate your info. A few days later, you receive your enterprise number within the app. You can officially start working and invoicing as a self-employed from that moment. The entire process is very intuitive and includes everything you need to fill in to be allowed to work as a self-employed. That is how we want to help you get started!

Who is Xerius and why do I need to be in touch with them?

Xerius is at the same time an enterprise counter, a mutual insurance association and a social insurance fund for self-employed workers. Xerius is the partner of more than 165 000 self employed workers in Belgium.
Thanks to our partnership with Xerius, you register towards the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises, the VAT administration as well as the social insurance fund of Xerius, within our app. Xerius calls you upon registration to check with you your data and ask for missing information, if any.

What info do I need at hand when registering as a SE?

When signing-up within Accountable, you need your ID registration number (at the back of your identity card), your official address (both work & home address if distinct), your professional bank account number (IBAN), the date on which you plan to start your activity and the type of activity. You schedule at that time a call with our partner, Xerius. Note: your activity as a Deliveroo rider is linked to the NACEBEL code for food delivery. During the call, Xerius shall ask whether you have the required knowledge to start a business (if you are in Brussels or in Wallonia)- your high school diploma would do the job, as well as a couple of alternatives. Xerius also asks how much you expect to earn, in order to calculate your social contributions, and whether you want to be subject to VAT. You then have to send a couple of documents, e.g. ID, diploma. All that is left to do is receiving your enterprise number! The whole process can be completed in a matter of days. You are then officially self-employed: you are affiliated to Xerius’ social security fund and you have your very own Enterprise/VAT number.

How can Accountable help me as self-employed?

Accountable is your admin one-stop-shop: you scan expenses, you send invoices, you have real-time visibility on your cash available and upcoming taxes (VAT, social contributions, income tax). You can manage key thresholds (such as VAT exemption) and make the most of your freelance status, all from your smartphone.

What should I be aware of before starting as self-employed?

When self-employed, you are the one in charge. You get your revenue directly from your clients, by invoicing them. Based on that revenue, you are responsible for calculating and paying on time your income tax. If liable to VAT, you deduct and collect VAT respectively on your purchases and sales, and transfer the difference to the state administration. You also guarantee your social rights by paying on time your social contributions. No worries, we remind you about all these constraints within the app: you always know, in real time, how much you should pay and when.

Can I use Accountable with other clients than Deliveroo?

Sure! With Accountable, Deliveroo is giving you a headstart into the self-employment world. Make it your own adventure! You can invoice as many clients as you want from within the app.

Why would the student self-employed status be a good idea for me?

You are allowed to becoming student self-employed if you are between 18 and 25 years old and are, indeed, studying. That status is especially interesting since it implies limited taxes : up to 6 923 € of earnings a year, you do not have to pay social contributions. In that case, your status doesn’t impact your child benefits either. See in our blog all details.

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