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Frequently asked questions

Why would I register with Accountable?

When starting, you can't know everything. Still, you need to, if you want to become self-employed safely.

That is why we organize personalized coaching sessions for every starter who registers with us: you only have to pick the slot where we call you , we'll prepare everything you need to know and share it with you during that call.

You can then complete the required steps to register as a self-employed from your smartphone, where and when you want to.

Is this registration process free?

We, as service provider, charge no extra fee for this service. You still will have to pay 89,5 euros for the registration towards the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and 66,55 euros for your enterprise and VAT number activation.

How long does it take to activate my VAT and enterprise number?

After you finished your call with Xerius to confirm the final details, you will receive your VAT number and enterprise number on average within seven days.
We give you a notification in the app though, the moment your VAT and enterprise number arrived and you will get some official paperwork via the post.

What info do I need to have at hand when Xerius calls me?

In Brussels and Wallonia, you need to tell Xerius whether you have the required knowledge to start a business as a self-employed.
Your secondary education diploma does the job as well as a few other alternatives. You will tell Xerius as well how much you expect to earn. Based on that, Xerius will calculate your social contributions.
Xerius will ask you whether you are liable to VAT. After the call, you have to send a few official documents, e.g. copy of your diploma, ID.

When is the best time to start as self-employed?

There is no better time to start than today...
...except if today is one of the last days of the trimester: you pay your social contributions each trimester, for the entire trimester, whether you have worked one week or three months in that trimester.
Make the best use of your social contributions, make sure to start at the beginning of a new trimester.

What is Xerius and why do I need them?

Xerius is at the same time an enterprise counter, a mutual insurance association and a social insurance fund for self-employed workers. Xerius is the partner of more than 165 000 self employed workers in Belgium.
Thanks to our partnership with Xerius, you register towards the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises, the VAT administration as well as the social insurance fund of Xerius, within our app. Xerius calls you upon registration to check with you your data and ask for missing information, if any.

Can I register as a complementary self-employed via Accountable?

Yes ! Our partnership with Xerius allows you to register as a complementary self-employed within the app. As for all self-employed statuses, you can use us to create invoices, gather receipts and keep an eye on your taxes.
We also manage all the important thresholds for self-employed workers that do not have a high income, including the monitoring of your revenue against VAT exemption.

Can I register my limited company (e.g. BVBA, SPRL) with Accountable?

Yes, our partnership with Xerius allows you to register as a complementary self-employed within the app. You can use us to create your sales invoices, collect all your receipts, visualise your VAT reports in real-time and export your data to your accountant.

What information do I need to have at hand when registering using Accountable?

You will need your ID registration number (looks like 11.11.11-111-11 located at the back of your identity card), your official address (both work & home address if distinct), your professional bank account number (IBAN), the date on which you plan to start your activity and the type of activity.
Finally, it helps if you know your schedule a bit, so you can schedule a timeslot that Xerius will phone you for some final confirmation.