Sole trader

Here you can read all the tips and tricks that can come in handy if you are a sole trader. We tell you all about running your sole proprietorship, administrative obligations and what your taxes look like.

Becoming self-employed: how to create a Shopify webshop

Imagine: your own webshop or e-commerce, where you have the freedom to be your own...

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21st May 2024 - Read in 5 minutes

Special VAT declaration for VAT-exempt self-employed individuals in Belgium

Are you covered by the VAT exemption scheme for small businesses? Then you don’t have...

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- Read in 4 minutes

What to do if you suddenly become subject to VAT

When you first started your freelance business in Belgium, you might not have been expecting...

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- Read in 5 minutes

E-invoicing for the self-employed explained

As a business, you may invoice in any way you prefer, as long as the...

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28th March 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

Costs for e-invoicing are temporarily 120% tax-deductible

Starting from 2026, all self-employed individuals will need to send their invoices electronically in a...

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- Read in 2 minutes

Discover your AI Assistant: the new tax-ally for the self-employed in Belgium

As a self-employed person, juggling your taxes and accounts can eat up a lot of...

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12th March 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

How to change the address of your business?

Are you planning to move or relocate the registered office of your business to a...

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19th February 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

Here’s all you need to know about earning with OnlyFans

OnlyFans: the platform with far more than regular selfies and cat videos. It’s the ultimate...

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16th February 2024 - Read in 5 minutes

When is the best time to start being self-employed? 

You’ve been thinking about becoming self-employed for months, maybe even years. And you finally made...

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18th January 2024 - Read in 2 minutes
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