Here you find out which VAT rules apply, when you are exempt from VAT, how to deduct VAT and how to file VAT returns.

Special VAT declaration for VAT-exempt self-employed individuals in Belgium

Are you covered by the VAT exemption scheme for small businesses? Then you don’t have...

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21st May 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

What to do if you suddenly become subject to VAT

When you first started your freelance business in Belgium, you might not have been expecting...

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- Read in 5 minutes

The annual client listing for self-employed individuals in Belgium

The annual client listing, or VAT listing, is a list of all Belgian companies to...

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23rd February 2024 - Read in 2 minutes

New VAT rules: What does the OSS scheme mean for your EU customers?

If you sell to private customers within the European Union, you generally charge VAT. However,...

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19th February 2024 - Read in 2 minutes

VAT rules in the EU: do you have to charge VAT when selling to a business customer?

When selling to individuals in the EU, you usually have to charge VAT. But are...

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- Read in 2 minutes

Selling outside the EU: do you have to charge VAT?

One of the drawbacks of being self-employed could be navigating through all these complex VAT...

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Buying and selling abroad: what’s the deal with VAT?

You’re likely already quite familiar with VAT and what it means for you as a...

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16th February 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

VAT exemption: when and for whom?

You’ve probably heard about the VAT exemption scheme, but what exactly does that mean? And...

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24th October 2023 - Read in 3 minutes

Submitting your VAT return via Intervat as an independent in Belgium

As an independent in Belgium, you have to submit your VAT return periodically. This declaration...

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21st July 2023 - Read in 4 minutes
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